Sunday, June 25, 2017

YNP - 10 Days In......


8:28 am - Sunday - 52º F, 66% humidity, wind 2 mph out of south skies from horizon to horizon.....forecast high will be 80º F.

As reported we were back to the 'CLOSE' shift, which I think we prefer.  I realize that they tend to move you from shift to shift, but I would not be unhappy if they left us on the 'CLOSE' shift the rest of the summer.

Since we didn't have to leave for work until 1 pm I took time to do a hand wash on the VW as it was looking pretty sad, and then vacuumed out a few weeks of sand and other debris.  I'm starting to feel at home and develop new routines.

We were at work by 1:20 pm....since I work in the Fountain my shift begins at 1:30 pm and ends at 9:30 pm while TLE's shift as a cashier begins at 1:45 pm and ends at 9:45 pm.  The fountain closes at 8:30 pm and the store closes at 9:30 takes about 40-45 minutes to clean up the Fountain after a day of slinging ice cream, chili dogs, nacho cheese, etc. so I still have 15-20 minutes at the end of my shift before I 'clock out' for the night.

When we arrived the afternoon rush was in full swing and I was immediately busy salting and heating pretzels to refill the pretzel machine, and from there until 5 pm (lunch time) it seemed like a blur.  Suddenly TLE was there reminding me it was 5 and time for lunch......

Sitting outside after lunch enjoying the sun for a few minutes

......for the rest of the shift the Fountain traffic was steady, but never overwhelming.  Soon it was time to begin cleaning up the Fountain and get ready to head for the barn one more time.....

TLE 'counting down' her drawer

.....we were home by 10 with our feet up and sipping cocktails.  Our feet are slowly adjusting to being stood upon for 8 hours, and we both are comfortable that we now know the parameters of our jobs.  We were in bed by midnight.

Mean while, back at the 'ranch' more of our fellow co-workers are coming to the point where they may be leaving TVC, also.  The working environment continues to deteriorate, and many are not happy......just reconfirms our decision to leave when we did.  

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  1. Nice to learn new things there, and being able to enjoy your day.

  2. I'm a new reader..could you tell me how t subscribe to your blog? Thanks

    1. In the column to the right of today's blog you will see 'FOLLOWERS'.... just become a follower and you will be subscribed.