Wednesday, June 14, 2017

High winds advisory.....


6:18 am - Wednesday - 45º F, humidity 82%, wind 7 mph out of the south.....clear blue skies from horizon to horizon.  There does not appear to be any wind here at the Elks Lodge.  We'll be rolling our wheels in about 90 minutes.

We woke up to buffeting winds out of the west in the high 20's (mph) with gusts into the 30's.....the coach was rocking under the broadside.  We debated whether to hit the road eastbound on I-84 and hope the winds stayed at our backs, but we knew when we hit Pocatello we would have to turn north on I-15 and that would mean the wind would be hitting us broadside from the driver's side of the coach.  Driving in heavy broadside winds is exhausting, and dangerous if you are in a 'high profile' vehicle as we are, so, ultimately, after consulting with our friend Art we all decided to ride out the high winds advisory right here in Jerome, ID.  It is only 270 more miles from here to our immediate destination, West Yellowstone, and it is not like we are incapable of driving that many miles in one day.....we just drove 256 miles on Sunday.

For TLE and I Tuesday was a day of doing mostly was too windy to be outside, and we didn't want to get the VW out of the trailer to drive anywhere......we plugged in the 'fireplace' to add a little ambiance, and watched some of TLE's cooking shows (Network Star, Chopped, etc.)......  

......I napped on and off, and stepped outside periodically to help Art who was having to wire in a new plug for his trailer lights.  His plug had pulled out of the socket on Monday and was dragged along the highway for quite a few miles before Art realized there was a problem.  My job was to stand at the back of his trailer and let him know if the turn signals and brake lights were working.  The wind was soooo cold I had to keep going back inside the Newell to get warm while Art stayed outside trying to figure out the wiring scheme, which he eventually did.  

Around 5:30 pm Art and I walked into the Lodge (opens at 4 pm each day) to pay for another night, and saw that they were having their 'Taco Tuesday' dinner, so I called TLE and told her to come in for dinner.  We sat talking about Yellowstone until after 7 when we paid our tab, and went back to the Newell where we continued talking until after 8.  Art has been a wealth of information about what we should expect of our new jobs, and we greatly appreciate him taking so much time the past two days to answer our many questions.......

.....the sun set sometime after 9 pm, and we were in bed by 10.  If we had to be stuck for 24 hours the Snake River Elks Lodge was certainly a good place to do so.  Wednesday will see us arriving in West Yellowstone, and our first glimpses of Yellowstone National Park.

In closing......we were sent a picture of the snowfall in Yellowstone from yesterday.....


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  1. Smart move to stay put with those high winds, good luck today !