Monday, June 26, 2017

'Friday' on my mind......


8:44 am - Monday - 59º F, 57% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the east......cloudless skies for the second day in succession.  No work today....slept in until 8:30 am......yeah! Forecast high for Monday is 87º F!

So, once again Sunday was our Friday.  The days are beginning to pass by quickly before we know it we will be in the midst of the 4th of July weekend.  I love waking up to soft zephyrs wafting through my open window then washing across my face as the sun gradually begins to light up our bedroom.....such a pleasant way to awake to another day.  Since I still had about 5 hours before work I spent some time attempting to remove the grime on the coach resulting from the rains we drove through on our way up to YNP.  I worked in the shade on the passenger side of the point in working in direct sunlight if one does not need to do so.  I managed to get most of the front, passenger side, and part of the rear done before it was time for lunch, and a short nap before getting dressed for work.

We arrived at the Mammoth Hot Springs General Store around 1:20 pm to find the store jammed with vacationers......

.....I managed to get this pano picture, and then it really got busy!  The next 5+ hours were a blur and then it  was 'lunch' time (6 pm on this day).  After our 'lunch' it slowed down considerably, but for a while between 1:30 and 6 pm the line for the fountain was almost to the door at the front of the store.  I didn't notice how long the line was as I was just focusing on the next person in line.....that's all you can do when it gets that customer at a time.  If you don't approach it that way you will wilt under the pressure.

For the first time since last Saturday I pulled my cash drawer and acted as cashier for the last two hours.  I'm still loving working in the 'Fountain' as it offers more variety than simply standing in one place at the cashier desk scanning customer's items.  I need variety to make the time pass and make the job more interesting, and the 'Fountain' provides that in spades.

We were home by 10 pm relishing the thought of two days away from work, and doing some more exploring of YNP!  Thanks for stopping by!

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