Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Good news!


7:24 am - Wednesday - 51º F, 80% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the east southeast.....partly cloudy (personal observation), with a forecast high of 69º F.

Our Jello plan had been to do some more exploration of YNP, but the Jello jiggled, and we got periodic thunder/lightning storms passing through our river valley all day long, so we opted to remain home and just enjoy a laid back day of doing nothing in particular.......well, I did....TLE was very ambitious.....she prepared a number of work 'lunches' in advance, did some cleaning, and then hemmed up two pairs of jeans I had purchased back in SLT to serve as my required Delaware North uniform (blue jeans, and navy blue shirts).  She is a magician with a sewing machine, and although the task undertaken was difficult for her due to the thickness of the material she successfully completed it, and I now have 3 pairs of jeans to rotate for the duration of our time here at the Mammoth Hot Springs General Store.

The direction of the wind continued to switch from one point of the compass to another all day long....sometimes the periodically sideways rain would come from the passenger side of the Newell, and then it would switch and come from the other side.  There was the intermittent sound of distant thunder.....we never saw any lightning.  Nonetheless, it was delightful to watch the various storm cells sweep up and down the valley all day long from the comfort and warmth of the Newell.  It is nice not to have the time constraints of a 2, or 3 week vacation where you must keep site seeing no matter what the weather is as you have a finite amount of time to see 'everything'.....we still have over 3 months to see 'everything', and even then I will be surprised if we actually see 'everything'.  I'm pretty confident, however, we will see 'everything' that is important to us to see.

According to the weather guessers we will get some more rain on Wednesday, so we'll see how much, if at all, that affects the foot traffic in our store.  It appears, if the 15 day forecasts are accurate, that we will have about 12 days of mid to high 80's temps beginning Saturday possibly getting into the low 90's once, or twice.....

We continue to get reports here and there about the goings on at TVC since we piece of good news is the person whom I wrote about here has left TVC to work somewhere else for the rest of the summer.  I hope they haven't been 'promoted' to another 1,000 Trails park to torture another hapless group of nice folks, but who knows?  When you are dealing with a corporate culture that is loath to fire anyone, is more concerned with advancement up the corporate ladder, and which refers to 'demotion' as 'promotion' you just never know.  The only thing that matters to us right now is that we have peace of mind, the sleepless nights have slipped into the past, and we love our current working situation and fellow co-workers.....and we love not being in charge!

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  1. Good to hear about that troublesome employee there. Things should look uo. I think you made a wise move though.

  2. I guess now they will appreciate and respect all of the seasons that you worked in SLT. It will be interesting to hear as the season moves forward how much they miss your leadership and guidance. I guess it took them a while to see the forest through the trees. One bad egg has spoiled everything.


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