Friday, June 23, 2017

The 'OPEN'.....


5:44 am - Friday - 35º F, 75% humidity, wind - CALM - clear skies (they are not blue at 5:44 am), with a forecast high of 71º F.

Thursday was our first 'OPEN' shift meaning we had to be on the floor and ready to work by 7:15 am.  Getting up super early is not one of my favorite things, but knowing you also get off work super early (3:15 pm) is a good incentive.  Another added benefit is that on this shift things do not get busy until around 1 pm when you've only got 2.25 hours of work to go.

Since it was not busy early on I got to run the cash register  for an hour, or so.  Most of the items we sell in the 'Fountain' do not need to be just hit one of the 'hot item' keys such as 'Coffee', 'Soft Drink', 'Pretzel', 'Ice Cream - Single Scoop', etc.....believe it, or not, we do sell a surprising amount of ice cream before 10 am!  At any rate, there is a new menu to learn for the 'Fountain' so I was happy to be able to learn it with no pressure of long lines.

The daily high temp might have been around 70º F......the 9 degree reduction from the day before  made a big difference in the temperature inside the store making it a much more comfortable day.  Things did eventually get quite busy around 1 pm as expected and the last two hours passed by quickly.

Nothing much more to report about the day......we were off promptly at 3:15 pm and headed over to the Visitor's Center with two of our fellow workers to begin our 'Adventure Guide' program.  You begin at the 'Bronze' level by paying a visit to a 'Visitor's Center', visiting another Delaware North general store, and then attending some sort of a Ranger led program and then passing a written test.  Eventually you pass through 'Silver', 'Gold' and finally 'Platinum'.....the goal is to get you out and visiting different parts of YNP.

We were home a little after 4 pm relaxing.....nothing like sitting in your recliner and getting your tired feet off the ground!  As we sat there relaxing we could hear the daily wind out of the north coming up the canyon.  Some days it is not too bad, but Thursday it was getting up to the 20' we know why NO ONE ever has their patio awnings deployed!

Around 9 pm we caught another beautiful sunset......

.....always a nice way to end any day!

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