Thursday, June 22, 2017

Shifting shifts......


5:39 am - Thursday - 45º F, humidity 50%, wind - 2 mph out of the west.....clear blue skies from horizon to horizon....I think that's the first time since we have been here....forecast high today is 71º F.

We were back to work Wednesday doing the 'MID' shift thing again (11 am to 7 pm).  It was to be another warmish day......warm is a relative term.....when you are used to temps in the 50's and 60's it takes a while to acclimate to temps in the 80's.  Right now 80º F feels like 100º F to me.  The sun at this latitude (we are half way between the north and south poles) is pretty intense, especially when there are no clouds.  Needless to say it was a little warmer inside the store Wednesday.....there is no A/C, so the only way to cool it down it to open all the doors, which we do.

My job for the next 5 days is working in the Fountain where there is not only a pretzel machine putting off heat, but also the two hot dog 'rollers' putting off heat, which look just like this.....these babies are set at 165º F to initially heat up the hot dogs, and then stepped down to 135º F to keep them warm.......

Ours have the sneeze guards

.....we are in a corner of the store where there is not a lot of air circulation so you can imagine it gets a little warm.....then throw in 4-5 bodies putting off 98.6º each and it gets pretty warm at times.

Each 'General Store' is given a daily revenue goal based on prior seasons and our store has been exceeding that revenue goal by 25% each day.  We are told that it will get busier and busier as the summer progresses, which makes sense.  In the 'Fountain' we sell hot pretzels (with and without salt), nachos, hot dogs, chili dogs, chips, soft drinks, ice cream, & coffee.  When I say we sell ice cream I mean we sell a LOT of ice cream!  Each tub holds 3 gallons of ice cream.....we offer 8 flavors, and we go through about 20 tubs a day (20 tubs @ 3 gallons  = 60 gallons) right now.  Of course, the hotter it gets the more ice cream we sell, as one might imagine.

The store was pretty busy all day long, and when you are busy the time goes more quickly, and before we knew it 7 pm had arrived and we were on our way home.  Once again it was necessary to turn on our A/C, but within a hour the outside temps had cooled sufficiently allowing us to turn off the A/C.

Well, that was our Wednesday.....not very glamorous, except for the setting which is beyond spectacular.  Beginning Thursday we will have two consecutive 'OPEN' shifts in which we report for duty at 7:15 am.

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  1. Now you are in the foodservice business. I enjoyed 10 years of that in my restaurant , year round and most of the time the kitchen was 100 plus degrees, with the grill, pizza oven, stove and deep fryer. Mostly busy all day , but did get used to the heat. Keep having fun.