Friday, June 30, 2017


7:34 am - Friday - 40º F, humidity 91%, wind 1 mph out of the east......partly cloudy with a forecast high of 71º F.

After two weeks at YNP we are finally beginning to find our equilibrium and developing new routines to fit our new circumstances.  As I have written on numerous occasions, developing a routine and sticking to it has been one of the most difficult aspects of this nomadic lifestyle for us.  I think that is one of the reasons why we like returning to familiar surrounding over and over....we know what to expect and, therefore, find it easy to return to familiar routines.  However, that is the antithesis of what we want and expect from this lifestyle.  We want to see new things, and change our view on a regular basis.  That is the dynamic tension we deal with and frankly, in the over all scheme of things, I think we prefer more to struggle with developing routines, than to keep returning to familiar territory year after year.  While we are extremely disappointed in how things turned out at TVC this year, it was a wake up call for us.....time to get out there and be uncomfortable again.  

Our first three years on the road we moved a lot, worked at numerous types of jobs, and saw a lot of country.  I really do yearn for those days, and so does TLE.  There are so many great workamping jobs out there.....we hear about them on a daily basis from other nomads.  TLE and I have been discussing for some time just kind of moving from one job to another for the next couple of years, and we are already working on our next two jobs.....a winter job at another National Park, and a summer job at a very nice RV park.

So, what was Thursday like?  Well, considering it was the Thursday before July 4th it was not as busy as I fact, it was considerably slower than previous days.  Most of our fellow co-workers are spending their first 4th of July working at YNP, and are not sure what to expect.  At TVC the 4th of July weekend was really 4th of July week, and it was crazy from beginning to end......I will not miss that at all.  Fortunately our off days are Monday and Tuesday, so we may not be exposed to the worst of the crowds next week.

I am pretty much settling in to working at the Fountain, and TLE is settling in to be a cashier every day.  I do occasionally act as cashier there, but I like the overall variety of working the Fountain.  There is nothing that particularly stands out about was a lot like the other days.  We have brief periods when the store seems almost empty, and then we get a busload of people, literally, flooding into the store and then we are slammed for about 30-45 minutes.  The one thing that stands out to me, however, is that I rarely, if ever, see an unhappy face at the ice cream counter......I see hundreds of smiling faces a day, and when I hand them their ice cream order their smiles get even bigger!

We were home exactly, precisely at 10 pm, and unwinding from our day of toil in the fields of YNP....we have been watching an old TV series on Netflix called 'Twin Peaks' which ran from 1990-1991......this show has recently resurrected by 'Showtime' so we decided to watch the original series from the beginning before watching the revival......very, very unusual......:-)

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