Monday, June 12, 2017

On a cushion of air......


7:27 am - Monday - 37º F, humidity 88% (Huh?'s raining and snowing), wind 13 mph out of the southwest......snowing as I write here in the Walmart parking lot in Elko, NV at 5,066' above sea level.....

We were on the road by 9 am Sunday heading eastbound on I-80......the skies were overcast, and there was a slight tail wind out of the southwest.....I turned on the cruise control and we floated down the Interstate on a cushion of air at 60 mph.....all I had to do was hang on to the steering wheel.......

......we didn't take our first break until the 110 mile mark at an Interstate Rest Area.  The terrain was mostly flat with minute elevation gain and loss.  Ultimately the 256 miles we covered to our destination for the day (Elko, NV) was uneventful......just as we like it.  We pulled into the Elko, NV Walmart Supercenter around 3:10 pm, and quickly found a spot to park overnight.  While TLE went into Walmart to pickup a few necessities (half & half, etc.) I proceeded to check the oil level in the Detroit Diesel, checked the lug nuts on the trailer wheels to be sure they were not loosening, and turned on the water heater.

 Our evening view in Elko

One thing I neglected to write about the other day was how we are carrying our Rubbermaid Deck Box with us.  We had discussed dismantling it, but then were would we put the stuff inside?  We finally decided to put on top of the trailer tool box and then strap it down.....I put 'eye' bolts on each side and attached a sturdy cargo strap to each and cinched it down.  The lid is locked with a Master padlock, however I also added a couple of bungy cords to ensure the lid does not rattle around as the wind hits it.  So far after 350 miles it is snug, and secure.....

.....we spent a quiet evening watching a FIFA World Cup qualifying match between the USA and Mexico which ended in a draw (1-1), and then the NHL finals match between the Pittsburgh Penguins, and the Nashville Predators.  The Penguins went into that game up 3 games to 2, so this was an elimination game for the Predators.  Ultimately the Penguins prevailed 1-0 when they scored the only goal of the game with 1:35 to go in the 3rd period.  It was a very exciting game in which both goalies made many amazing saves.

We were in bed around 10 pm.....around 3 am the aforementioned rain began, and as I sit here composing today's missive it is still drizzling.....we are expecting a break in the rain around 10 am, so I think we'll aim for that as our departure time.

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  1. You are doing some ice travels days, just like we prefer to do.

  2. Last week, we stayed at the Double Dice RV Park in Elko and it was in the low 90's for the 3 days we were there. That's Mother Nature for you! Bob