Monday, September 17, 2018

It was all TLE's idea......I swear!

6:50 am - Monday - September 17th - Portland, ME - 62º F, 100% humidity, wind 4 mph out of the south......foggy with a forecast high today of 77º F.

It is much more humid here in Portland than it was in Southwest Harbor when we left.  We've been living in somewhat humid conditions most of the summer, so we've gotten used to it to the extent we don't complain about it anymore.  Thankfully it has only been in the 70's the first two days, and we haven't had to resort to using the A/C.  We just sit outside in the afternoon in the shade cast by the Newell and it is not bad at all.

So, what to do on a Sunday in Portland, ME?  TLE had a good fact a couple of good ideas.....maybe even three......she found two Goodwills in the area, and the Allagash Brewing Company on Industrial in Portland!  Okay, so she had a fourth good idea.......hit up the local Trader Joe's!

We left home around 10:30 am heading for the first Goodwill.  It was only a couple of miles away, and pretty soon we were wading through the racks looking for t-shirts, shorts, etc.  TLE managed to find one pair of shorts, and I found a 'Ball' jar.....I use them for mixed drinks.  Then it was on to the next Goodwill where we both found a few more things we could not live without.  I found a whole new set of golfing irons (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW) and a new putter for $2 each, as well as an almost new pair of Bass flip flops for $4 ($25 new).   I've been unhappy with the original set of irons I purchased at the Goodwill in Carson City a few years ago, and have been looking for another matched set.  I know, I don't play a lot of golf, but one of the things holding me back all this time was I didn't like my unmatched set of irons at all, and I wasn't in love with my putter either.  So now I have a new set, and will donate the current set back to Goodwill.

It was now just after 12 pm, and time for lunch so we drove a few miles further to the aforementioned Allagash Brewing Company for some lunch and brews.  First we started with a 'flight' of four of their brews.....$5.......

Allagash Brewing Company

 'Flight' of brews

.....once we had both decided on what we wanted we ordered them (Allagash Black for me, and TLE their Curieux)....then we headed over to the food trailer to order our lunch.....

.....a lobster roll for TLE.....

.....and a lobster BLT for moi.....

.....there is nothing.....I repeat, nothing better than really good beer paired with really good food, and that is what we got at Allagash Brewing Company on Sunday.  After eating we hung out sitting in their beer barrel Adirondack chairs (made from beer barrel staves) for another hour enjoying the cooling weather, and lower humidity....

.....we finished off our stay at Allagash with a couple of Allagash Whites.....still my favorite Belgium White Wheat Ale ever!

......soon my watch told me it was after 2 pm and time to begin our trek over to Trader Joe's.....we haven't seen a Trader Joe's in over 4 months.....oh how we have missed you, Trader Joe's!  This Portland Trader Joe's is, by far, the largest TJ's we have ever seen.  We managed to find a bottle of the same Argentinian Malbec (Catena) that we had with our anniversary dinner at Red Sky a couple of weeks ago......$15 at TJ's, and $41 at Red Sky.....

.....we were done shopping and back in the Beetle for the drive home before 3 pm.  I sat outside for the rest of the afternoon enjoying the cool breezes, and napping in one of our beach chairs, while TLE stayed inside (allergies)......

......caught a picture of the sun setting over Cabela's.

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  1. I think TLE has wonderful ideas. I love poking through places like Goodwill and the finishing touch of a lovely meal with a brew was perfect!
    TLE has short hair.......wasn't it long when we met you? I'm maybe way behind the times here but it just caught my eye today. :S


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