Saturday, September 8, 2018

Tour Guide - Part 3

8:04 am - Saturday - September 8th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 57º F, humidity 73%, wind 10 mph out of the north....sunny with a forecast high today of 66º F.

Friday was the last day we would play tour guide this summer.  We met Glenn and Laureen at a local restaurant called 'Sips', just around the corner from their hotel, for breakfast around 10:30 am.  I love spending time with Glenn and Laureen, because they, like us, just let the day come to them.  We had no  real specific, definite plans for the day other than to show them some of the highlights of the 'Quiet Side' of Mount Desert Island.....the west side.

We enjoyed a delicious breakfast and then retrieved the VW having Glenn and Laureen follow us back to our home to drop off our car, and for me to resume my duties as chauffeur of their rental car.   Our first stop of the day was at the Bass Harbor Head Light, which we last visited on our first, or second day back in mid May.  It was quite stormy, and cloudy then, but on Friday it was quite sunny!

 There is a this little patch of grass by the light house living 
quarters which this sign guards

We spent about 30 minutes there just enjoying the view, talking and being silly.

 What a handsome group!

Our next stop was to continue on around the Highway 102A loop to the Ship Harbor trailhead to take a short hike.  While TLE and Laureen rock hopped down to the water, Glenn and I remained on solid ground talking about cabbages and kings.

 Pink granite composes approximately 75-80% of all the granite in this area......very beautiful

We continued on around Highway 102A to another of our favorite haunts.......the Seawall Picnic area where we found a table in the shade spending about an hour enjoying the view.  Of course TLE and Laureen were immediately out on the rocks looking for sea glass, shells and rocks.  Glenn and I, meanwhile, continued solving the problems of the world.  Before we knew it an hour had passed and it was getting on to 3 pm.  Additionally, the temperature had begun to drop and it was no longer desirable to be sitting in the shade enjoying the now quite cold sea breeze.

Next stop?  Thurston's, of course, for a late lunch.....

 Love the view of Bass Harbor from the deck at Thurston's!

TLE and I split a Lobster BLT, and she added a cup of Lobster Stew, and I a cup of their wonderful potato salad.  We talked away the afternoon, often remarking at what a relaxing, enjoyable day it had been.  

By 4:30 pm we were on our way back to our home where a little single malt Scotch sampling was in order before we retired to the lido deck for an 'until next time' campfire.   What a perfect way to end a very pleasurable two days of sightseeing with Glenn and Laureen!

As I sit here bringing today's missive to a conclusion I cannot help but reflect pleasurably upon our time spent with good friends and relatives over the past 9 days showing them the sights and sounds of a place with which we have come to feel quite at home.  We do not feel like strangers, or interlopers anymore.  We have become somewhat integrated into the community, made good friends and seen just about everything important to us.  As our time here rapidly draws to a conclusion our memory banks become filled to overflowing with time spent with those we love and getting to know Mount Desert Island.  

Thanks for stopping by!

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