Saturday, September 1, 2018

1982 Newell Classic Interior tour.....

7:41 am - Saturday - September 1st - Southwest Harbor, ME - 52º F, 98% humidity, wind 5 mph out of the northeast....clear blue skies this morning and all day with a forecast high of 67º F.

I alluded to several recently published comments (see yesterday's post) which gave me a few ideas for future posts, and one of those was from one of my regular readers, Patsy Irene, whom we met along with her husband when we were boondocking near Borrego Springs two winters ago.  She asked if I would provide an interior pictorial tour of our 1982 Newell Classic Class A coach.  I thought that was a great idea, so here we go!

What better place to begin than the actual entrance to our coach.  Newells are known for their mid coach entryways.  Although some were made with front entries, the majority have mid entries.....

 Entry stairs

....... originally our entry was carpeted.......

.....the entry door is quite tall.........

 Very tall door
......just to the left of the entry door, and although technically outside, is our Norcold 12 volt chest style cooler/ can be used as either.  We choose to keep our beer stock here to free up room in the fridge for things we use on a daily basis.......

 Norcold chest cooler/freezer (↑) & the beer (↓)

......right now it is full of a summer's worth of craft beer purchases.....we'll have to work on drinking some of it now!

We'll start the interior tour of our coach with the bedroom.  This picture is taken from the hallway which connects to the bathroom, shower and kitchen areas.  The bed is a walk around queen size bed......


.....the platform for the bed is attached to the top of the platform with a piano hinge on one end, and gas shocks on the other so it can be raised to access our large storage area under the bed, which also includes a 'wine rack'......

 From bedroom looking down hallway to front

Kitchen - from Salon looking through kitchen down hallway to bedroom we look back towards the bedroom from the kitchen, and then from the kitchen forward to the salon area.......

 Salon - Back to front (↑) & front to back (↓)

........looking from the center console back through the salon to towards the bedroom.

Now for some individual features in the coach.  Just over the center console are the analog electrical gauges which give us information about the electricity usage in our coach via our 50 amp connection.  As you may know, a 50 amp plug has two 'legs' each providing 50 amps of electrical power (if you are indeed connected to a 50 amp outlet) for a total of 100 amps.  The two outside gauges tell how many volts are flowing into the coach.  The two gauges to either side of the center gauge.......12 volt amp indicator [+/-] how many A/C amps we are consuming at any given time.   The center analog 12 volt amp gauge shows whether our batteries are charging, or discharging at any given time.

I love analog gauges!

 Bathroom - sink

Bathroom - Dometic ceramic toilet

 Shower/tub on the other side of the hallway from the bathroom

 NUTONE food processing center

 Coffee bean grinder

DVR, altimeter and analog battery condition

Above the driver's seat is our DVR, as well as our DVD player.  Just below them we have an aircraft style altimeter, and to its right is our analog battery condition indicator.

Next up is our Dometic Classic absorption refrigerator/freezer.  This unit is about 9 years old.  The original Dometic refrigerator was beginning to give up the ghost back in 2012, so we began to think about replacing it with a new unit.  No point in awaiting its demise before we take action, right?  A good friend of ours who also has a Newell, had removed this Dometic from their coach to replace it with a household type refrigerator.  He graciously gifted this one to us when it was about 2 years old.  We removed the old one, and installed the new one ourselves with our friends help.  It has worked flawlessly ever since!

 Dometic absorption refrigerator

Another very important appliance is our Splenide 2000 washer/dryer combo.  The original one, which was 35 years old, stopped working about 9 months ago when we were at the Grand Canyon.  We found this much newer one on eBay for $700 shipped.  I installed it while we were staying in SoCal back in April.  Not having to spend hours in a laundromat simplifies our lives, and enables us to to do other things around the coach while our laundry is being cleaned.   We would not be without it!

 Splendide washer/dryer combo

The pantry

Our pantry is located just above the Splendid, and adequately holds most of our staples which we need to access on a regular basis.  

So, there you have it.  If any of your have questions, or want to see something I have not covered here let me know via the comments section, and I will do my best to answer your questions, or take pictures of anything I may have left out. At another time, soon, I will give a tour of the exterior of the Newell including the big Detroit Diesel 6v92, and all of the storage areas.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Thanks for the interior tour of your Newel. Very nice and a well built coach, you take care of it and it takes care of you.

  2. Clarke, you make it tough on us fellow Classic owners with the way you maintain your coach. I really don't like hearing " our Newell doesn't shine like that. "

  3. So, where are you hearing that? Lol!

  4. Thank you Clarke! Your Newell is beautiful and always been a curiosity to me when I see them down the road, after meeting you in 2016. It is interesting to see how others full-time in small spaces and you make it seem easy! :) I love the wine rack, was that something you added?

    1. The wine rack was an original feature when it was built by Newell. We love it, too!