Thursday, September 13, 2018

I've got nothing for you.......

3:58 am - Thursday - September 13th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 59º F, 98% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the east.....partly cloudy skies with a forecast 69º F.  Why so early?  After being here for just over 4 months we are finally getting up early to go see the sun rise on Cadillac Mountain.  Sunrise today is 6:09 am.....a much, much more civilized hour to view the rising sun than back in May when the sun rose each morning around 4 am!!

It seems, as I sit here pondering the events of Wednesday that I've got nothing for you.......except that we 'slept in'.  It was the morning after the deluge, and the sun was out.  There would be no flood of Biblical proportions this day......just a lot of very damp patio furniture.  Our big goal of the day was to do a small shopping at Southwest Food Mart, and get haircuts......yes, haircuts.  For me it has been just over 4 weeks since my last coiffure, but for TLE it has been about 5 months, and her hair is as long as it has been in years.  I puttered around most of the morning as is my wont.  Finally, around 11:30 am we decided to make the 1.5 mile drive into town to first visit Harbor Barber for the aforementioned coiffures.  

Much to our mild dismay Harbor Barber was closed....wait, what?  It's always open!  Well, apparently now that the 'season' is over Tanya needed a day, or two to take care of personal business, but she will be cutting hair again on Thursday.  No problem.....we are, after all, quite flexible.....we are retired....what else do we have to do, hmmmmm?

We headed directly to the Food Mart to do our small shopping, and were home within the hour.  We'll do a big shopping when we pass through Ellsworth on Friday on our way off Mount Desert Island for the final time.  Yup, the day of departure is upon us.  While we are both excited to be rolling our wheels again, we find ourselves somewhat wistful at the same time.

Our time here on MDI has been wonderful.  Even the job was alright, even if our employers were lacking in the proper social graces.  We met many wonderful salt of the earth people during our sojourn, and we would both be the poorer had we not met them.  We have hiked, biked and seen everything of interest to us.  We will never forget the amazing views we experienced on each of our hikes.  Every one was unique.  We hiked closed to 45 miles of trails.

Later in the day we finished watching season 1 of 'Jack Ryan' (8 episodes in all), and are now looking forward to season 2 whenever it comes along.  That was really the extent of our day.  Thursday will be mostly spent putting away the rest of our stuff which essentially amounts to coiling up our rope lights and stowing them until we need them again.  Also, we must get our trailer turned around Thursday so we can drop it on the Newell hitch Friday when we depart.....right now it is facing the wrong way.

Yup, as I said, I really had nothing for you, but thanks for stopping by, nonetheless!

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  1. All good things come to an end! I saw Maine through your eyes Keep b blogging