Wednesday, September 12, 2018

We didn't see that coming......

7:20 am - Wednesday - September 12th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 62º F, 98% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the north.....cloudy with a forecast high for today of 67º F.  Looks like we'll get some sun today.

It began raining just before midnight Monday night, and continued almost all day Tuesday.  For about 3-4 hours it rained like there was no tomorrow.  It was so loud I had to turn the TV up to maximum volume to barely hear every other word.  For those of you who missed my 20 second video yesterday morning of the rain, and what it sounded like here it is again.....

.....this was not as loud, or as hard as it got......just multiply this by 10 and you'll be pretty close to what we experienced.  And that was pretty much our day.  I did not venture outside one single time.....I already know what it feels like to be soaking wet from rain in just a few seconds.  All I can say about that is we did not see that coming!

So, what did we do?  Well, we watched the 10th and final episode of 'Pacific', and, of course, it was a tearjerker, but so well done!   Neither of us realized the characters portrayed in the series were real people, which makes it even better yet.  From there we then transitioned to binge watch 'Jack Ryan' (based on the Tom Clancy character), another Amazon Prime series.  We got all the way through episode 7 before my U.S. Cellular data ran out.  We'll finish it Wednesday when the data reloads for another month!

And that brings up another thing I have not written about too much.  We are so glad we purchased the U.S. Cellular plan as it seems we can work off Tony's WiFi only a little over half the time.  For some reason we have not as yet ascertained, it begins to drop out each day around 5 pm.  We then switch over to the U.S. Cellar hot spot for the balance of the evening.  Overall it has worked well for us considering our circumstances, but we are so looking forward to being back in Verizon land in just a few days where we don't even have to think about's just there all the time!

We had talked about possibly driving into Ellsworth Tuesday since it was going to rain, but no one knew how hard it was going to rain, and for how long.  You just never know here in northeast Maine.  Once we saw what we were in for we opted not to drive into Ellsworth as it would have no doubt meant we would spend most of our time there trying to dry our clothes.

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  1. Rain is a necessary evil. We need it but only hope for it to arrive overnight! Inside days in front of the boob tube are great too!