Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Saying goodbye.......

7:38 am - Tuesday - September 4th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 71º F, 85% humidity, wind 8 mph out of the north by northwest......sunny with a forecast high of 75º F.

Monday, Labor Day, began with heavy overcast, but by 11 am the sky had cleared and it was very sunny.  It was also quite humid....not the worst we have had in northeastern Maine by a long shot, but noticeably, palpably humid, nonetheless.  Remarkably, I am beginning to care less and less about humidity.  Maybe the solution to my humidity phobia all along was to just live where it was humid for 4.5 months and get used to it.

We had plans to meet Charles and Bobbie at their RV park in Trenton for a pizza dinner around 6 pm, so we had the entire day to ourselves.  So what did we do.....pretty much nothing....lol.  I did have the Dell Technology PGA tour event on from about 10 am all the way until after 5 pm when we left to drive up to Trenton.  I did finish reading another book, and TLE pretty much read all day long.......she is a major reader, and by comparison puts me to shame with her voracious reading of one book after another.

At one point TLE broke away from her current book to clean our thermal coffee carafe, which she does on an as needed basis.  She had dismantled the screw on lid to clean the interior workings when I heard her announce that there was a broken part.  Part of the reason she decided to clean it Monday was that it was pouring quite slowly, and she thought maybe something was clogged inside the lid.  In order to get it to pour you have to depress a small lever just above the handle with your thumb to allow the coffee to flow.  That lever had broken inside the lid.  So, this is where I get involved.  I love to fix things, but after examining what was broken, and where it was broken I was pretty sure nothing I have, including my two part epoxy, would fix it.  Nevertheless, I cleaned the part and then epoxied it.  After about 4 hours, more than adequate time for it to cure, I attempted to reinstall it, and sure enough it broke again.  As a result we are now in the market for an new thermal carafe.  The old one was was left over from our Starbucks Aroma Barista coffee maker we used for years before we replaced it with our current CorningWare electric percolator about 5 years ago.  This carafe would keep coffee hot for 12 hours!  In order to keep using the old one while we shop for a new one I glued the lid back together so it can still be used for a few more days.  Oh well, that is life.....stuff breaks, and on you move......

Getting ready to say 'goodbye' to another 
member of our coffee family

A little after 5 pm we began our drive up to Trenton to have dinner with Charles and Bobbie.  We arrived just after 5:30 (stopped to fill up the gas tank), and then we called Pat's Pizza in Ellsworth to order two 'Create Your Own' pizzas.  They said they would be ready in 20 minutes so we left within 5 minutes to make the 10 minute drive up to Pat's Pizza to retrieve our orders.  Unfortunately, right after we called they got slammed and it ended up taking another 20 minutes after we arrived to get our pizzas, but it's all good, right?  We're retired, what do we have to do?

We were back around 6:30 pm and headed outside immediately to eat our pizzas and watch the sun set.  As always we talked non-stop, and when the mosquitoes came out around 7:15 we headed back inside for more conversation, as well as dessert......vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce on top......yummy!  Bye the bye.......the pizza was muy delicioso!

Finally, around 9:30 pm we bid our adieus and headed for the barn once again.  We arrived home around 10 pm, and sat down to watch a recorded episode of  'Better Call Saul' before retiring for the evening......love that show!

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