Thursday, September 27, 2018

Walking in the rain.....

6:49 am - Thursday - September 27th - Burlington, VT - 53º F, 82% humidity, wind 3 mph out of the south......partly cloudy with a forecast high of 65º F.  We roll our wheels in 3 hours!

Thursday sunrise after two days of rain

Wednesday's rain was due to begin around 12 pm.  We had just spent pretty much all of Tuesday inside due to rain, so we decided to take a walk while it was still dry, and throw in a stop at the local ACE Hardware store to buy some more silicone caulk.  I used most of what I had left in the repair of the artificial turf a few weeks ago, and one never knows when one will need it again, right?  Better to be prepared rather than react at the time and then wish you had planned ahead.....

......we began or walk going east along North Avenue to Institute and then south towards the bike path.  The walk down Institute took us by the local high school, and then through North Beach Campground, a county facility.  Pretty soon we were walking down the hill to North Beach itself...... expected, the lake looked more like the ocean on this storm tossed day....

 North Beach spite of the conditions it was not cold.....probably in the 70's at the time of the above pictures.  We continued west along the bike path back to Leddy Park and then turned north back toward North Avenue where the ACE Hardware store is located.....

......the rain came early, but just as we were approaching the entrance of ACE.  I quickly found the silicone caulking I needed, and bought two tubes.  As we exited the store it began to rain with more intensity.  Thankfully 'home' was only two blocks distant, and we were there within minutes removing our damp clothing and getting into something dry.  In all we covered about 3.4 miles.......within 5 minutes of our arrival home the sky opened up and the deluge began..... one point the rainfall became so intense we could not hear each other speak.  I think this video will give you an inkling of how hard it rained.  This went on for over an hour.....

.....the rain abated for about 60 minutes around 2 pm, so I ventured out to the trailer to repair the Levelor mini blinds I wrote about yesterday.  It took me about an hour to finish the job, and none too soon!  The rain returned with a vengeance for another two hours, but finally the rain broke around 5 pm, and the lake which surrounded the Newell began to recede.  We are very happy we opted to sit tight for Tuesday and Wednesday to let these storms pass through the area.  On top of the rain Wednesday it was also quite windy, so we are doubly grateful we were not driving.

Restringing the mini blinds

We watched recorded episodes of NCIS and NCIS: N.O.   Both season premiers concluded 'cliff hangers' at the end of last season.  All the good guys lived, and all the bad guys were brought to justice.

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  1. Best choice to stay indoors in a downpour like that. You don't mind getting wet on a walk if it is mild but that would be too much!
    We love NCIS as well and was anxious to see the pilot show.


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