Wednesday, September 19, 2018

No escrow needed.....

7:00 am - Wednesday - September 19th - Portland, ME - 57º F, 91% humidity, wind 9 mph out of the north by northeast.....heavy cloud cover with a forecast high today of 67º F, but we'll be a long ways away from here in another state when that happens.  One side note....we have found the weather forecasts for the Portland/Scarborough area to be much more accurate and reliable than those we were getting in Southwest Harbor.  Either the weather patterns in southern Maine must be much more predictable, or they weather guessers are on an incredible roll right now......:-)

Looks like a good day for a drive!

As I wrote yesterday morning, Tuesday, it was raining when we awoke, and it continued raining until about 2:30 pm.  By that time the day was spent, the roads would still be slick for another hour, so we decided to spend one more night at Cabela's.  Since it was raining, at times quite hard, we also decided to stay home for the day.  We had done everything we wished to do around Portland over the previous 3 days, and with no desire to get unnecessarily wet we called a 'rain day' and just spent the day inside reading.

When the rain came to an end I took the opportunity to run a couple of errands......take the trash out, and then run over to the local fuel station to fill up my 5 gallon gas can which I use to fuel our portable generator.  Until a couple of days ago we hadn't had a need to run our portable generator for over 4 months.  I did, however, pull it out about 3 weeks ago while we were at Tony's, and exercised it for about 30 minutes in anticipation of needing to use it while we travel over the next five weeks.   Better to find out then if something was wrong, and get it fixed before we needed it.  As it was, it started easily, and ran just fine.  It has been nice to have it to use as it has been quite cloudy the past few days meaning we were not getting enough sun for our solar panels to do their job.

That was pretty much our Tuesday.  After 4.5 months in Maine we will be bidding the 'Vacation' State adieu on Wednesday as we venture into New Hampshire, and then into Vermont over the next week, or two.  It is wonderful to be able to change one's view without going through escrow, is it not?

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