Monday, September 10, 2018


8:12 am - Monday - September 10th - Southwest Harbor, ME - 55º F, 77% humidity, wind 8 mph out of the east by northeast with partly cloudy skies with a forecast high today of 62º F.

We both slept in on TLE's birthday Sunday.....that's two days in a row that I have slept in......sleeping in is TLE's norm.  She has no trouble sleeping long after I have left the bedroom.  I just close the door the bedroom and leave her to sleep.....I admire her ability to do so.

I got into the high 40's overnight and was still quite cool when we awakened.  I had to wait until around 10 am to begin working on the artificial turf to finish the work I began the day prior.  Once that was done we needed to turn it over so the grass side was up once again allowing any moisture remaining from the past 24 hours to evaporate thereby allowing us to roll it up and get it ready to pull into the trailer.....

All rolled up and ready to stow, now it was time to begin to focus more attention on the organization of the trailer interior, otherwise we won't get that turf in the trailer before it rains on Tuesday!  I began by taking down the portable table on which I keep my three bags of tools for easy access, plus my drill and impact driver.  Another big part of organizing the trailer is to take the front wheels off the bicycles so they can be stowed in their proper spots.....

 The bikes are stowed that I've gotten the bikes put away it's time to begin moving the stuff from the back of the trailer forward so we can pull the turf inside...... 

 All the stuff against the back of the trailer now has to be moved to the front of the trailer so the turf and car can be put inside

.......and, finally, I'll have to clear off the workbench and stow the table....that's always the final thing.....

Soon I'll be stowing the workbench table and we'll be ready to roll!

.......why is it the final thing?  Well, it holds my Sirius/XM Radio receiver and I cannot be without music while I am organizing the trailer, right?

Around 4 pm I had gone as far as I wished inside the trailer so I headed inside to take a short rest before it was time to grill another filet mignon for dinner.  We are now down to the short strokes before we begin to roll our wheels once more, and it will soon be time to say our 'until next times' to Tony and Janet, our very gracious hosts for the past 4+ weeks.  We've got a few more things to see before we leave Southwest Harbor, and right at the top of the list is to witness a sunrise at Cadillac looks like Thursday will be a good day for that with no cloudiness forecast for that day.

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  1. In Bangor over the weekend, spent some time in Acadia and based on your blog went to Thurston's for a lobster dinner. Excellent... glad you mentioned it.