Thursday, December 2, 2021

Blood has been shed.....

 7:45 am - Thursday - December 2nd - Anza Borrego Desert, CA - 56° F, 25% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the north......mostly clear, blue skies today with a forecast high of 84° F. On this date in 2012 TLE and I were working the overnight shift at Amazon in Campellsville, KY.....↴

When we arrived at our Anza Borrego boondock site on Monday we needed to visit the local laundromat to do a few loads of laundry.  When we are boondocking fresh water is at a premium, so we do not use our Splendide.  There are a couple of laundromats in Borrego Springs, but we like the one at the 'Mall', which is across the street from Center Market, where we do all our grocery shopping.  I took care of  few more setup tasks Wednesday morning, and then around 10:30 am we headed into town to do our laundry.  We had barely parked, and pulled our laundry baskets out of the VW hatch when a lady backing up out of a spot behind us hit our 1UP USA bike rack.....

.....I had just turned away from the car to walk with TLE to the laundromat when I heard a 'crunching' sound.  I turned around to find a 2002 Buick Regal rear bumper pressing against the bike rack.  The driver was a lady about 10 years older than we are...I yelled out to her that she had hit our car, and asked her to pull forward.  She didn't even know she had hit anything.  I was pretty upset at first, but quickly realized I was out of line for yelling, and apologized to her.  After all it (the bike rack) is just a material 'thing'....the most important thing is no one was hurt.  After examining the bike rack I determined it was not bent....the wheel tray, which is bolted to the frame of the bike rack was just rotated downward, and it was just a matter of pulling it back up, and tightening the bolt.  We exchanged information just in case I find damage that could not be easily repaired, but I'm pretty sure the bike rack is OK.  

While our laundry was being washed we walked across the street to Big Horn Fudge Company to get something to drink....TLE got their coffee of the day, and I got a chocolate milkshake.....I think the last time I had one was at this place a few years ago.  It was getting warm, and I didn't feel like drinking anything hot. By the time we returned to the laundromat the wash cycle had finished, and TLE then put everything in the dryer.  From beginning to end it took around 90 minutes, and we were on our way (driving this time) over to one of our favorite 'junking' places....The Frugal Coyote....we almost always find something without which we cannot live, and Wednesday was no exception.

By the time we finished 'junking' it was going on 1 pm, and we had planned to have lunch at Los Jilbertos Taco Shop, but I needed to use the restroom (TLE too), so we drove back to the Mall to use their public restrooms (most establishments in Borrego Springs, including Los Jilbertos, do not have public access bathrooms).  While we were walking around looking for the public restroom I stumbled over a large rock just sitting in the middle of the walkway.  I didn't see it, because I was looking to see if there was someone I could ask about the location of the restroom.  I stubbed my big toe on my left foot, and it began to bleed like a stuck pig into my Bob Marley flip flop. I walked into the nearest store to ask for a band-aid, and some paper the time I received them and walked back outside about half my flip flop was soaked with my blood.....what a mess!  I managed to clean the blood off my foot with the paper towels, and then apply the two band-aids the nice lady in the shop gave me.  We then walked to the public restroom where we used the facilities, and then cleaned my flip flop in the sink the best we could before heading to Los Jilbertos.  Geez, it's only 1 pm, and I've had two

After a thorough scrubbing and cleaning 
this was the best result we could get

....every time we boondock near Borrego Springs we have lunch at least one time at Los Jilbertos.  I had their two taco combo plate, and TLE two enchiladas á la carte......

....the afresco view from Los Jilbertos is nothing at which to sneeze, and the food, as always, was scrumptious.  We were home a little after 2 pm, and after further cleaning my Bob Marley flip flop I retired to take a much deserved nap in my anti gravity chair.  I woke up a little after 3 pm as it was getting chilly due to some clouds which were passing over our site.  Within an hour the sun was setting over the mountains to the west once again.....


.....since had a big lunch we didn't eat dinner, and proceeded directly to our sunset fire.  Oh, I forgot to mention I put out a few of our solar lights, including the one which sits at the top of our flag pole.....


....we let the fire burn down to glowing coals before heading inside around 6 pm for the night.  We did turn on the Honda 2000 generator to watch 'Survivor', the 41st Season, which we are thoroughly enjoying this year.

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