Thursday, December 23, 2021

Getting lapped......

 7:56 am - Thursday - December 23rd - Anza Borrego Desert, CA - 58° F, 41% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the west by northwest......cloudy today with a forecast high of 71°, and rain late in the day.  On this date in 2016 we began our drive in the VW to SoCal from Wittmann, AZ to see our kids for Christmas....rained most of the way.....↴

Wednesday promised to be our warmest day in two weeks, and that is exactly that for which I have been waiting to apply the lap sealant to the trailer roof.  For the self leveling qualities of this lap sealant to work properly both the lap sealant and surface to which it is being applied must be warm.  I put the 4 tubes of lap sealant outside on a table to let the sun do its stuff, and then got ready to apply the sealant by cleaning the surface all the way around the edge of the roof.  By the time I finished doing that the lap sealant had warmed sufficiently to apply...... may recall I applied the first coat of lap sealant way back in February of 2021 just before we left on our 1 month hiatus from SRRVC....I wrote about that here.  It became apparent near the end of our stay at SRRVC (September) that there was some water intrusion along the driver side wall of the trailer interior.  I wasn't able to deal with it at that time because it was just too cold, and damp.  I procrastinated on this project whilst we were in Fontana, when it would have been the perfect time to do it (warm and dry).  At any rate it is done now, and that is one more item checked off the 'to do list'.

Sometime Tuesday evening it occurred to me I had not pulled out our Merry Christmas flag to fly from our flag pole, so that was the next Wednesday project......

....following the successful completion of that task I retired to my anti gravity chair to enjoy the warmish afternoon for the balance of the afternoon.....

....the stormy sky continued to evolve over the course of my recline, and by 4 pm I thought we might be blessed with a sunset, so I suggested to TLE a sunset fire might in order.  Within minutes we were ensconced in our camp chairs to see what nature would deliver this evening.....

.....not too bad!  We spent about an hour enjoying our sunset fire, and listening to non stop Christmas music on the Hallmark XM station (104).  We're into that time of year when Christmas music can be heard pretty much all day around our boondock site....not much makes me happier!

On the Wuhan flu front I was interested to see what percentage of the U.S. population (currently reported to be around 330 million) have been diagnosed with COVID. That number appears to be about 50 million meaning just over 15% of the U.S. population has had COVID....lower than I thought, how about you?  The current number of deaths reported from COVID since February of 2020 is just north of 797,000 as of 12/15/2021....the majority occurring in the last 12 months since the vaccine became widely available.  797,000 represents just .002% of the U.S. population....again....a much smaller percentage than I about you?

According to table below the percentage of the population over 50 years of age is 44.84%, so 55% of the population is under 50, and not really, apparently, at a significant statistical risk of getting COVID.....based on what the media reports I would have thought we were all equally at risk, didn't you?

....according to the next table below 209,453 of the 797,000 deaths are people over 85 years of age.....205,613 are in the 75-84 age range.....181,673 are in the 65-74 age range, and 147,351 in the 50-64 age group, so of the 797, 503 deaths as of December 15th, over 562,000 of COVID deaths (the vast majority) are people over 50 years old.....I was under the impression the number of deaths were equally spread throughout the population......interestingly, 562,000 deaths represents just .004% of the over 50 population.....a, surprisingly, low percentage......much lower than I thought...., my question is this......where is the science in any of the mandates, edicts, and/or demands being made upon  of our ENTIRE population by Federal, State and Local governments? People over 50 are the ones truly at risk of getting COVID, so they are the ones who should be encouraged to get jabbed, if they so choose, right?  Bear in mind, all scientific evidence indicates that the virus is NOT being spread by the asymptomatic....(only the symptomatic can spread the virus)....a group which represents 85% of the total population, including those of us over 50.  Food for thought.  And, by the way, TLE and I continue to remain asymptomatic.

Once again I must stress that all questions asked by me in this post relating to the Wuhan flu are strictly rhetorical in nature, and are not intended to solicit any response....they are intended, solely, to stir up a little critical thinking on the part of the reader.  Comments deemed demeaning, or insulting will be marked as spam, and not published.    

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