Monday, December 13, 2021

The fan club.......

7:40 am - Monday - December 13th - Anza Borrego Desert, CA - 29° F, 41% humidity, wind - CALM.....partly cloudy today with a forecast high of 64° F.......the view this morning......↴

Red sky in the morning....sailor take warning

.....on this date in 2018 TLE and I were in Greensburg, KY having lunch at Longhunter's....

We've been getting up earlier each day, often before 6:30 am as the sunrise lights up our bedroom curtains, and it's hard to continue sleeping.  The result is I have been getting quite a few sunrise pictures as you have, no doubt, noticed.  Sunday morning was no exception.....

Taken around 6:45 am

.....I usually begin each day with kind of an idea of what I want to accomplish project wise, and Sunday  I fully intended to apply another coat of lap sealant to the perimeter of the trailer roof.  You may recall that last February, just prior to our one month vacation from SRRVC, I stripped off the old lap sealant and and applied a new coat.  After the rains in early Fall, just prior to our permanent departure from SRRVC, I noticed some dampness on the driver side floor of the trailer, and determined to revisit that issue.  I've had four tubes of the Dicor Lap Sealant for quite some time, but it has been so dry I haven't focused on it.  I laid out the four tubes in the sun to warm them prior to installing them in my caulk gun, intending to work on that project later in the morning when it was much warmer, but I never got back to it....."why?" you might query? Well.....

We have three roof vent fans in our coach (in addition to the Fantastic Fan vent).  One is in the shower, another in the bathroom, and one over the stove/oven.  Over the past months I removed the fans in the bathroom, and kitchen to clean the fan blades and the motors before reinstalling them.  After reinstallation they each were generating a very LOUD rattle, and I knew I needed to check each one to see what the issue was.  The rattling noise was so loud we rarely used them.   I had inadvertently turned on the bathroom fan instead of the water pump Sunday morning to be greeted by a loud squeal, and ever louder rattle, so I figured while I was waiting for it to get warmer I would pull out my telescoping ladder and check it out.  Nothing is ever as easy as it seems to be at first blush, and instead of taking a few minutes, as I thought it would, I ended up spending over an hour each on the bathroom and kitchen fans before I finally figured out what was causing the squealing, and rattling.  There are vent shrouds on the roof covering the fan hole in each case to prevent moisture from entering the coach.  When I reattached each of the shrouds I apparently allowed the front of each shroud to come in contact with the roof surface before tightening the three screws, which, when the fan was on, transferred the minor vibration of the fan/motor to the shroud which began vibrating against the surface of the roof in each case.  Once I corrected that the loud rattle coming from each fan ceased....doh!  To get rid of the squeal coming from the bathroom fan I applied a little lube to the shaft, and it quieted right down.

By the time I finished with the previously unscheduled fan project I was out of gas from climbing up and down the ladder a couple dozen times, and decided to postpone the lap sealant project until another day, which now appears to be Wednesday as Monday we are going to visit some local hot springs, and Tuesday there is a 100% chance of 1/2" of rain falling here in the Anza Borrego Desert.

Early afternoon we drove into town to fill up our 5 gallon water containers, check out the Anza Borrego State Park where we will be dumping our tanks in about a week, and then purchase some firewood on the way back home.  By the time we returned it was almost 3 pm, and another day was fast coming to an end.

We celebrated another sunset with another sunset fire.....

......I tried out the blue accent lights Sunday evening.....TLE really likes them, and, of course, blue is my favorite color....nice effect, no?

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