Thursday, December 30, 2021

Wrong again......

 7:29 am - Thursday - December 30th - Anza Borrego Desert, CA - 42° F, 79% humidity, wind 1 mph out of the northeast.....heavy cloud cover today with a forecast high of 61° F.  The view this morning......↴

......on this date in 2012 we were watching a sunset at Cedar Key, FL.......

We usually begin to awaken around 6:15-6:30 am each morning as the rising sun casts light across the sky, and makes our curtains begin to glow.  Eventually we'll pull the curtains back to see what kind of Anza Borrego day we'll be gifted.  Often one of us will utter words of delight, leap out of bed, get dressed, and head outside to take a picture, or two, or three....most often it is I, but TLE has been known to do the same thing.  Wednesday it was I who lept out of bed and took the pictures....of course, on my way outside I turned on our three Suburban gas furnaces......

......I love how the sun will light up the mountains and hills to the west, and northwest, and on this morning they turned a light shade of red.  I also noticed Mr. Moon is on the waning fast track....down to a quarter moon again....

.....have we really been here that long?

We never really got enough sun on our solar panels to allow them to work their magic, so the Honda E2000i ran for the better part of the morning, and eventually delivered us into 100% charge status all by herself.

Around noon time we decided to drive into Borrego Springs so could restock a few of our staples, such as peanut butter.  As we approached the city limits it began to drizzle, and continued to do so for the entire time we were in town.  We made a stop at the Frugal Coyote (thrift store) to see what treasures may have arrived since our last visit several weeks ago, and found a few things without which we felt we could not live.  Then it was on to Center Market where TLE did a very small shopping whilst I filled three of our 5 gallon containers, and 4 one gallon containers with filtered water.  It was still raining, but the filtered water dispenser sits just under the eves of the supermarket entrance, so I stayed dry.  Just as I was filling the final 1 gallon jug TLE emerged from the market......good timing as always!

The filtered water machine is on the right

It continued raining all the way back to our boondock site, but stopped just a few minutes after we arrived home.....good timing again.  We were expecting more rain later in the day, but the weather guessers were wrong sprinkled a couple of times for about 5 minutes over the course of the evening, but that was it.  The 80% chance of 1/4" of rain forecast for Wednesday night, and Thursday morning have not materialized.

Wednesday was also the beginning of the major college bowl games leading up to New Year's day, so I watched a couple of them while TLE read.  The Clemson vs. Iowa St. game (Cheez-It was a good one ending 20-13 in favor of Clemson as Iowa turned the ball over on downs with about 30 seconds to go.  The second game was the Alamo Bowl pitting the Oklahoma Sooners against the Oregon, unfortunately for Oregon, was a very one sided game until the 4th quarter....Oregon just could not stop score wasn't really that close.

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  1. Glad you guys are continuing to enjoy your time in the desert and just relaxing. We are getting snow and more snow here in Post Falls. Not to fond of having to sholve snow and drag the garbage can out to the street in the snow......I guess its giving me some good exercise .... LOL My daughter was going to come by Amtrak and visit over New Years, thought that would the better way to come vs driving over the pass....but this darn weather has intervened where its to dangerous and not doable for her to even get from Port Angeles up to Seattle to catch the train, as they have been dumped on with snow as well and another storm coming into day. So I was able to reschedule her ticket for another time, so we are going to try for February.


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