Thursday, June 26, 2014


By blogosphere standards this number is a rather modest of Wednesday my blog passed 200,000 page views, and as of this morning sits at 200,292.  A big "Thank you" to all of you who follow my sometimes incoherent ramblings each day......I am continually humbled to know that people who are not related to me read my daily missives.

Wednesday was just another gorgeous South Lake Tahoe day.....the kind of day that has become routine, but deeply appreciated each and every day.  According to the 10 day forecast we are due for a minor heat spell beginning this Sunday when it hits 85, and then tops out on 90 July 3rd.

The summer vacation season here in SLT is in full swing now as we see the campground staying fuller throughout the week.  There is still the vacuum effect on Sundays, but a new wave of vacationers begin arriving Tuesday each week now.  Thankfully the campground WiFi (Tengointernet) is working was out for about 10 days.  As the SLT seasonal population steadily increases the Verizon broadband gets slower and slower, so reliable WiFi here at TVC will become more valuable as the summer progresses.

Not much else to report about Wednesday.....of course there were a few soccer matches viewed, but the game we are awaiting with enormous anticipation is the USA vs. Germany match Thursday.....the USA has to tie, or win to advance to the round of fact, I need to finish this entry because that game starts in just to minutes.......I believe.....I believe!

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  1. Read your blog and several others every day. I can depend on reading something on your blog everyday but not on the other ones.


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