Saturday, June 7, 2014

Off to the Capital

Friday marked the end of our third week here at TVC and it was time to head down to Carson City, NV (capital of Nevada) to do some shopping at Trader Joe's, Home Depot, and Costco to replenish our stocks of things we prefer to buy at those particular stores.  Of course we also have friends who live in the area, so we arranged to meet one of them, Terri, for lunch at El Charro's.

This was the warmest day, by far here in South Lake Tahoe, coming in at 82.....of course, Carson City, being at a much lower elevation, had temperatures in the low 90's, which was by far the hottest day have experienced since we were in Wittmann, AZ in March. When I get used to cooler temperatures over a long period of time it takes me a while to acclimate to the hotter temperatures....normally I would not think 80 was very hot, but when you are used to it being in the 50's, 60's and 70's that sudden 10-15 degree jump is very noticeable.

We left TVC around 11:15 am  with the intent of meeting Terri for lunch at Noon, and we arrived about 11:55 am, and she arrived shortly thereafter.  While it is only 30 miles from our location to Carson City there is a lot of traffic this time of year, and the speed limits all the way there run between 40 and 50 mph.  

TLE and I have known Terri since 1967 when we met in college.  We have stayed in touch with her over the years, and have made a point of seeing her whenever we are in the area.  A year before we became nomads Terri drove down to Southern California to join us in a two day bike ride down the coast to San Diego.  It is still one of our favorite multi day bike ride memories.  Around 1:30 we bid adieu with plans to meet up again for a bike ride up here in the Tahoe Basin in the next two weeks.

Next we were off to Trader Joe's, then Home Depot to buy a "yellow jacket" trap (actually a hornet, wasp, yellow jacket trap)......they can be a problem here in TVC once it warms up, and most of our worker/neighbors have them deployed, so we wanted to do our part.....especially after I had to kill my first one the other night.  Finally we stopped off at Costco before heading back up the "hill" to the Tahoe Basin and cooler temperatures.

We arrived back in TVC around 3:30 to much cooler temperatures in the high 70's, and that was pretty much our run of the mill Friday.....after putting away our supplies we spent the rest of the afternoon reading.  Looks like the next 5 days will be in the 80's before cooling back into the low 70's once again.

Hoping to hear soon about our work start date.....there are a lot of us waiting to start work....apparently the "HR" department at corporate is way behind.

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