Saturday, June 14, 2014

4 Weeks at SLT*

Who can get tired of this view?

Friday marked the end of our first 4 weeks here in *South Lake Tahoe.  Frankly, it does not "feel" that long, especially when we realize we have over 11 weeks to go!  After a month we are only more certain we made the right decision to spend the summer here.  We love the SLT* vibe, and the eclectic and diverse community.  We have met so many interesting, and amazing people.  While we have not officially started working yet, the rate we are paying is so good we both agree we could just live here the whole summer whether, or not we ever start working, however, we know we will be working before 4th of July, so we are just enjoying our life of leisure until then.

Friday's World Cup schedule had three games (9 am, Noon and 3 pm) and we watched every minute of every single game, and in between the U.S. Open.  The farthest we ventured away from our site was to take the trash to the dumpster, which is about 100 yards away.....otherwise we just sat outside enjoying the cool breezes, reading, and watching soccer and golf.

U.S. Open

The temperature took a dip barely got to 68 degrees, and overnight it got into the high 30's again, and actually got down to 56 inside the coach.

Around 5 pm we changed the channel to NBC to watch game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals between our L.A. Kings and the N.Y. Rangers.  Following form, this game went to overtime just as the previous two King home games have gone.  The Kings took an early 1-0 lead, but fell behind in the 2nd period 2-1, and were fortunate to score the tying goal late in the 3rd period on a power play.  Ultimately Martinez, a defenseman for the Kings, scored the winning sudden death goal off a rebound late in the 2nd overtime period to give the Kings the championship.  Frankly, even though the Kings won this series 4 games to 1, it was a much closer series than that with 3 of the Kings 4 victories coming in overtime......any of these three overtime games could have easily gone to the Rangers.  After 4 and a half hours of watching this game we were wrung out, but so happy the Kings won their second championship in 3 years last night.

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* SLT = South Lake Tahoe

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