Saturday, June 28, 2014

Fifth Saturday.......ahhhhhh!

Back in my workaday life Friday was my second favorite day because it meant Saturday was just around the corner.  Even though every day now seems like Saturday, 5th Saturday, aka: Friday, is still one of my favorite days of the week.  

The last time I had my ears lowered was back in mid May at the Sparks, NV Supercuts, and I was in serious need of a hair follicle adjustment.....the nearest Supercuts is in Carson City, which is also where the nearest TJ'S, Goodwill, In 'N Out Burger, and Costco are located, so it was off to Carson City around 10 am for a haircut, and some much needed shopping.

The morning temps were still in the low 60's when we departed TVC, and as we descended into the Carson Valley it was only 75 there.  Due to the rain a couple of days ago the air was surprisingly clear.  Our first stop was the Carson City Goodwill where we both found things we could not live without, as well as some things we wanted to get for our kids visit over the upcoming 4th of July long weekend.  We needed more camp chairs, and an outdoor toaster.  This Goodwill stocks a lot of "seconds" and we were able to find a 4 slice toaster for $8, and 3 camp chairs averaging about $8 each.  I'm not sure why the toaster was returned because there is no obvious damage, and it works.  Each of the chairs had a minor flaw, but they are essentially brand new, so we got 3 chairs for the cost of one.  Not only that I found 2 more pairs of cargo shorts to add to my burgeoning collection, and another pair of mountain bike shorts for $4 each.  TLE came away with a sweatshirt, a pair of shorts.

Next it was time to visit Lowe's where I bought a diesel fuel can (yellow).  Right now our diesel tank is down to about 35 gallons.  I'm sure that is enough to get us back over the hill to Carson City where fuel prices are about 40 cents a gallon less than here in the Tahoe Basin, but I'd like to add, over the next few weeks, more to our tank, so I'll fill up the 5 gallon can a few times over the next few weeks to bring the level up to a more comfortable level.

Then it was time for the much needed haircut, followed directly by a stop at the local In 'N Out Burger for lunch......and there I am at the In 'N Out Burger sporting my new coif whilst awaiting our lunch order......two #2's......cheeseburger, fries and a drink for each of us.

Sporting my haircut at the local In 'N Out Burger....why 
has it been 3 years since I had one of their burgers? 

The 3 new camp chairs (2 red, and one camo)

After quick stops at TJ'S and Costco we were on our way back up the hill into the Tahoe Basin......the temp in Carson City got up into the mid 80's while we were there, but as we climbed HWY 50 upward, and upward the temp dropped back into the mid 70's.  We made a quick stop at the one thrift store in South Lake Tahoe we had yet to visit, and TLE found one more shirt she could not live with out, then it was homeward bound.

While we were in Carson City we both got the e-mails we have been waiting 6 weeks to get from the corporate headquarters of Encore Resorts (they own TVC) asking us to complete, online, a form they needed to do our background checks....YAY!!!  Within a few days we should be able to start our jobs and earning money.  Once we got back home we hopped on my computer and got the forms submitted.

Then it was time to sit outside reading, and sipping a Bloody Mary.....TLE makes the best I have ever had!  I turned on our XM Radio to channel 26, Classic Vinyl, and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening listening to a really great playlist.  I finished one book, and then read another one finishing by 11:30 pm.

Bloody Mary Time

What a perfect 5th Saturday Friday was......everything went according to plan, and now we are pretty much ready for our kids to arrive this Thursday morning!

Thanks for stopping by!

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