Thursday, June 19, 2014

Time Marches On....

As we near the end of 5 weeks here in TVC* we see subtle changes occurring......the average temperature is rising ever so slowly, and with that rise we see the park filling up with "vacationers".  By "vacationer" I mean the longer term transient population is arriving.  It is no longer only the "weekenders"  invading paradise for a few days at a it is those coming for a week, two weeks, a month, or the whole summer.  As I sit here typing this entry, I look out the driver's side salon window, and see we now have a neighbor for the first time on that side.  As I look out the front windshield I see a row of RV's lined up, many which have been here for over two weeks now.  The summer population of SLT** is steadily increasing, and as that trend continues we see more seasonal businesses opening, and more of the local State and National Parks opening their gates.  The Camp Richardson bike path is becoming quite congested with cyclists, and pedestrians....even early in the day now.....I may have to ride the highway the entire way up to Emerald Bay in the near future.

We are still waiting to start working, and that is a whole other story.  It is not just us, but pretty much everyone who has arrived to start working is still waiting to start is a corporate issue.  Our arrangement here is that we work for minimum wage, but are only charged for 1/2 our site cost......not a bad deal.  The good news is "they" have decided, due to the corporate snafu, that we will not begin to be charged for our site until we start working and start getting paid.  So we trundle on just enjoying being here enjoying the great SLT** vibe.

So, what happened Wednesday that was noteworthy?  Personally, I think just being able to spend every day this summer here in SLT* is noteworthy, whether, or not we work one solitary second....being able to watch pretty much every World Cup match we wish to watch is noteworthy......being where it is not 100 degrees, and 90% humidity is noteworthy......having complete control of what we do each and every day is noteworthy.....waking up every morning in a forest of sugar pines is noteworthy.

We started out watching the first two WC*** matches of the day (Australia vs. Netherlands, and Chile vs. Spain), and then around 2 pm headed out for an 11.5 mile bike ride up to the end of the Camp Richardson bike path, stopping off at Sonney's BBQ on our way back for a pint and a plate of those amazing Nak'd Jalepeno Poppers before arriving back home around 4 pm to watch the 2nd half of the 3rd WC*** match of the day.

So Wednesday was one more day lived well.....lived on our schedules, no obligations, no worries.....Oh, I almost forgot.....Clayton Kershaw (Dodger's star left handed pitcher) pitched a complete game no-hitter striking out 15, with no walks.  He was one bad throw by the short stop from a perfect game.....that is certainly noteworthy, too.

Kershaw strikes out his 15th batter to end the game!

Thanks for stopping by!

* TVC = Tahoe Valley Campground
** SLT = South Lake Tahoe
*** WC = World Cup

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