Wednesday, June 11, 2014

On "The Edge of Tomorrow....."

We are on the "edge" of starting our jobs here at TVC*......our names are now on the work schedule beginning Thursday.....woot....woot!  Our life of leisure here at TVC* will not be as evident 3 days a week will be like a "long weekend" in we will work 3 days, and have 4 days off each week......isn't that the way it should be to begin with?

Around 11:30 TLE** and I decided to take a ride up toward Emerald Bay....for TLE** the end of the bike path would be her turn around point, and I would continue up to the overlook doing my normal ride.  Just before Camp Richardson TLE** advised she would proceed at a slower pace, and bid me farewell, so I kicked it up a gear and stretched it that point there was no chance of improving on my prior best time to the top, so I just concentrated on keeping my RPM's at a high, sustainable level.

By the time I returned at 12:50 TLE** had already showered, so I was able to cool down, take my shower, and then relax outside reading another good book, all the while continuing to enjoy the balmy temperatures.  I know I must sound like a broken record when it comes to the weather here, but that is one of the reasons we decided to spend the summer in the Tahoe Basin.

We had decided the night before that we would go to the movies Tuesday afternoon, and we decided on "Edge of Tomorrow" and the 4:30 3-D showing at the Heavenly Village Cinemas over at Stateline.  I found the premise of the movie intriguing, and was hoping the trailers we had seen on TV were not the best moments in the movie.  For TLE** and I, at least, this movie lived up to its billing.  If you are a science fiction buff you will definitely like the movie.....I especially liked the surprise ending.....I'll leave it at that.

The drive home along the southern shore of the lake was beautiful.........there is something about the late afternoon/early evening light and the way it hits the trees and shoreline that just makes it seem magical.  We arrived home just about 7 pm to find the San Antonio Spurs up by 25 points over the Miami Heat in game 3 of the NBA, I was not expecting that.  They went on to win the game by 18, or 19 points.  TLE** prepared some crab cakes and a salad for dinner, which we ate while watching the basketball game.

In a few more days we will have been at TVC* for a month....hard to believe, but the summer is still young!

Thanks for stopping by!

* TVC = Tahoe Valley Campground
** TLE = The Lovely Elaine

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