Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Just a week.....

In just a little over a week two of my daughters (Sharon and Kate) will be arriving to visit for a few days.  Sharon will be accompanied by her fiance, Rod, and Kate by her soon to be fiance, Nick.  When we left Riverside back in early March we had talked often about them coming to visit us while we were in Lake Tahoe, and now the time is here.  

As I look at the calendar over my desk the empirical evidence is that we have been gone from Riverside for just four months, but it seems much longer to me.  During that four months we have traveled over 3,700 miles and visited 8 states, which is less than a thousand miles per month, but we have seen and done so much it just seems as if more time should have elapsed.

Elaine and I were discussing Tuesday about how, for the first time in a while, we are not talking about where we head next, and let's face it, we've got some cool stuff coming up on the horizon (2 months on the Oregon coast at a lighthouse, a month at Amazon in Fernely, NV, our daughter's wedding in January), but we are so content here in SLT that we are just living in the present.  I'm sure as we get closer to the end of August we will begin to look forward, but for now we love where we are at, and what we are doing.

So, what did we do Tuesday?  We spent a couple of hours watching the WC match between Uruguay and Italy ultimately won by Uruguay 1-0. Regrettably the match was marred by the star Uruguayan player (Suarez) BITING the shoulder of an Italian player in the 80th minute.......wait, what?  There is no BITING in soccer!!  It would be one thing if this was a one time, isolated incident, but this is the 3rd time Suarez has done this over the past  7, or 8 years. How is he still allowed to play?  In all the years I was a professional soccer referee I saw players kick other players, or throw a punch, but I never saw a player attempt to bite, or actually bite another player.  That someone who makes millions of dollars a year playing soccer has a history as a serial biter begs the question......what is wrong with this guy?  This is what little children do until they are taught better by their parents.  Okay, my rant is over....time to move on....

After the morning soccer match we walked over to Raley's to do some "small" shopping.  If you have never been to this particular Raley's it is a beautiful reminds me of the old Pavilions stores owned by Safeway.  It is a giant supermarket with everything under the sun, and it is within walking distance!

In the afternoon we spent another 90 minutes at the TVC office continuing our orientation and training with Debby, and actually checked campers in, and took reservations in the computer system.  We are both getting more comfortable, and looking forward to starting our jobs.

TLE treated me to street tacos for dinner, and then she spent a couple of hours watching recorded cooking shows such as "Chopped", and then we watched a movie I had recorded over the weekend called "Ender's Game" starring Harrison Ford.  If you are a SciFi fan you would like this movie and it's premise.  I won't give away the surprising ending, but we enjoyed it.

The weather.....well, what is there to relate that I have not already related previously that would only serve to reinforce the perception by some that I am just "rubbing it in"?

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