Friday, June 20, 2014

Fourth Saturday.....

Thursday started off like every day since the prior Thursday has......watching WC* soccer....first up was Columbia vs. Ivory Coast at 9 am, then Uruguay vs. England at Noon.  Columbia prevailed 2-1 and Uruguay 2-1....both were good games.  

I bought a set of used golf clubs about 6 weeks ago at the Goodwill in Carson City, but as of Thursday had yet to use them.  Well Thursday was as good a day to check them out as any other lately, so I put them in the VW and headed over to Lake Tahoe Gold Course to hit a large bucket of balls.  I spent about 40 minutes working my way through my "woods" then the various irons.  The last time I hit a bucket of balls, and played gold was almost exactly 2 years ago, and before that it was probably 10 years.

The driving range

The putting green

I had pretty good results with my irons, but will need to work at consistency with my "woods".  On the putting green I spent another 40 minutes putting with each of the three putters I own, and am leaning toward the one in the picture, which had the best "feel" for me.

Whilst I was off playing at the golf course TLE** walked over to Raley's to buy some supplies for pizza making.  Debby and Bill invited us to join them as well as Billy, the onsite manager, for an evening of  pool and darts at the local home of a friend who is out of town.  TLE makes a mean anchovy pizza, and, as it turns out, Billy likes anchovy pizza, too.  We were picked up by our hosts around 6:30, and we spent the evening eating pizza, playing "9 Ball", and then darts.

Thanks for stopping by!

* WC = World Cup
** TLE = The Lovely Elaine

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