Monday, June 2, 2014


Still thinking about the epic ride Saturday.....

Sunday it was time to kick back and recover from the epic 20 mile mountain bike ride Saturday.....the morning temperatures  are still quite cool, but usually by 9:30 it is comfortable to be outside in shorts and a t-shirt.  We're kind of getting spoiled with this great weather.....according to locals this is the nicest weather they have had in a few years in late May/early June, and the forecast for the next 10 days is for more of the same.

Of course, Sunday was also June 1st which means we have now been living the nomadic life for 28 months, and living in the Newell full time for the past 40 months.  We can't imagine living in a stix and brix house again, and the longer we live this life the more difficult it is to imagine that we ever did.

It's been a while, maybe 3 years, since I took my mountain bike apart for a "deep" cleaning of the drivetrain, and after riding it three times in the last week for close to 40 miles of off road riding it was time.  Not much gives me more pleasure than taking a bike apart and putting it back together again.  TLE left to do grocery shopping shortly after I started the deep seemed to me she was only gone for half an hour when suddenly she was standing in the doorway of the trailer announcing her return.......actually almost 3 hours had passed.

Cleaning the drivetrain of the Intense 5.5

While working on the bike I had the PGA Memorial Golf Tournament playing on the trailer TV in the background, which turned out to have another exciting overtime ending.  In fact, it was another great sports weekend......The San Antonio Spurs won an exciting overtime game 6 Saturday night in Oklahoma City to advance to the NBA finals again.....Beat the Heat!  Sunday evening my L.A. Kings (NHL) won a third game seven in overtime in this year's playoffs to advance to the NHL finals against the New York Rangers.

I spent the afternoon watching the last 7 holes of the PGA tournament outside, and taking a short nap here and there, but retreated inside around 4 pm as the temperature began to drop.  Around 4:30 we got a message from Debby inviting us to bring whatever dinner we were having over to their site around 6:30 to eat with them, and sit by the fire, and we accepted.  We had another nice evening sitting around the fire talking with Bill, Debby, and Billy (our boss), who joined us after dinner, before walking "home".....thank you all for the great conversation, and thank you Bill and Debby for the invite!

A nice weekend to be sure, and the wonderful weather continues unabated......thanks for stopping by!

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