Saturday, June 21, 2014

Quick, before the broadband disappears!

When we first arrived at TVC* we had access to a pretty good version of Tengointernet for the first 3 weeks, then something happened and it stopped working.  "They" (Tengo and AT&T) have been attempting to fix it ever since.  So, okay, we have an alternative......individual hotspots on our Verizon cell phones, and they work pretty well Monday through Thursday, but as the vacationers, and weekenders, and seasonal workers arrived here in SLT** their presence puts a significant strain on Verizon's local cell towers.  At times, during the day, it is difficult to get online at all.  We usually see a slow down late Thursday afternoon, and it continues until early Sunday Afternoon.  I have found.....and I say "I", because TLE*** is not usually up early enough to appreciate this, that the speed is pretty good until 9 am over this three day period, so I have to get up pretty early to get the blog done, especially if there are pictures to upload.....a minor inconvenience, especially since I no longer need as much bandwidth as I did prior to selling my insurance business to my son.

We woke up Friday morning to  a full section "E".....we are in section "E".....and until this weekend we have not seen our section very full at it is packed with weekend tent campers......for me "packed" means about 90% capacity.  It would be easy to get a little irritated with all the folks running around, but this is Americana at its finest.  In spite of the crowds it is relatively raucous loud music.....just the sound of people, young and old, enjoying the great outdoors.  I have no doubt that some of these kids will grow up and decide to live full time in an RV....this is where the dreams are born, and begin to take shape.

So, was Friday (5th Saturday) any different from any other day here in paradise?  Not so much that you could tell.....we hung out around the coach doing chores....sweeping, cleaning, watching 3 more WC**** soccer matches, reading, making small repairs, watching the arriving campers trying to back their RV's into their site for the weekend, or week as the case may be, and just enjoying the "warmed up" weather.

That was pretty much our day......and now I must finish quickly as the broadband is evaporating as I write!  Sorry, no pictures might take the rest of the day to upload them.....:D

* TVC = Tahoe Valley Campground
** SLT = South Lake Tahoe
*** TLE = The Lovely Elaine
****WC = World Cup Soccer

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