Monday, June 9, 2014

Anatomy of a Sunday

It's Monday morning about 7:30 am, and it's time to do the autopsy of our Sunday in South Lake Tahoe (SLT), or more specifically in Tahoe Valley Campground (TVC), because we never left the campground all day.  On the surface, and you would have noticed this if you had walked by site #426, nothing really seemed to be happening.  And, frankly, nothing really even happened below the surface.....nothing except total relaxation.

Over the past few weeks TLE has been shaping our TVC environment slowly, but surely.  Every day, or two she adds another touch that really makes it easy to just hang out.

We started out with just an awning mat and the patio awning out..........kind of stark looking, huh?

Then she deployed the sunscreen/privacy screen and the lounge chairs.........followed shortly thereafter by the two brown ground tarps that extended the patio area on either side of the awning mat......

Next she suggested we get a folding table to set the BBQ and Coleman stove on giving us more surface area for eating at the picnic table........followed shortly thereafter by the outdoor stainless steel frying pan (sitting on top of the stove)....

She picked up four new solar lights like this one to add a little night time ambiance to our site....

And just a couple of days ago she finished installing the "screen door" in our coach entry so we don't have to keep the door shut all the time to keep the bugs out.....

Last, but not least, she added an additional sun screen to the corner of the patio awning to keep the afternoon sun out of our patio area......

I said all that to say this........TLE spends a lot of time thinking about how she can make our environment more comfortable, and more functional, and that becomes more important with each passing day as the temperatures begin to warm up enabling us to spend more time outside cooking, eating, and just plain relaxing like we did Sunday.  She has a lot of great ideas about how to utilize our space, and I greatly appreciate the time she puts in thinking about how to make it better, especially when we have the chance to spend several months in one location.

Around 10 am we decided to cook breakfast outside.....I cooked up a few pieces of nitrate free bacon, and TLE added some fried eggs with a few pieces of sourdough toast.....there is just something about the smell of cooking bacon outdoors that makes life seem just a little bit better.....I know you know what I mean.

After cleaning up from breakfast prep I was back outside by 11 am in my recliner, reading a good book, and listening to the "Siriusly Sinatra" channel on Sirius/XM Radio (71), and that is how my day went with the occasional nap thrown in for good measure.....of course the outdoor TV had the PGA golf tournament on with the sound muted. 

Now you know what I mean when I say there did not seem to be much going on Sunday....above, or below the surface........and that is because of the work TLE has put in over the past few weeks improving our patio area making it possible for us to just hang out, and do nothing but enjoy our little environment, and the outdoors.

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