Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Breaking through....

The first time I made the ride up to the Emerald Bay overlook I wasn't even sure I could do it without walking my bike up those steep switchbacks, but I did make it without stopping.  It took me just over 49 minutes to ride the 8.4+ miles to the top.....I put in a "+" because every time I reach the top the distance shown on the Garmin screen is different, even though I ride the same route every single time.....the first time it read 8.64 miles, and it has been different every single time ranging from yesterday's 8.41 to the initial 8.64 back in May.  That I might actually do that ride in under 40 minutes was not even in my thinking then, and certainly it was not Monday.   I was just hoping to be within a minute on the high side of my prior best time, but then as I rounded the last switchback and saw my elapsed time I started to think I might come in under 40 minutes......and I did.....39 minutes, 25 seconds.  I know some of those "young bucks", who routinely pass me on the climb every time I do it, probably do it much faster than I, but I'm competing against myself, not them.  That they do it on "fixed gear" (single speed) bikes is slightly demoralizing, and makes me glad I am riding a 27 speed bike...........I use every single one of those gears on this ride.

While I was off gallivanting TLE* did her own workout using the portable stairclimber we bought a couple of summers ago at a thrift store in Twin Falls, ID.  I always get a kick out of her workouts, because they usually involve some form of exercise combined with watching the "Food Channel".....I guess that's the best way to be around food you like without consuming any calories.....:D  I can't argue with her method because it is obviously working, and she looks great!

Around 1:15 we walked over to the TVC** office to begin our training on their computer software system, and office procedures.  We had a very good trainer in Debby Kasson (of Bill and Debby fame), and spent about 90 minutes filling our brains up with a lot of new information.  Fortunately for us their software management system seems somewhat intuitive.  We'll spend a few more hours this week getting oriented and hopefully will get our official start date within the next 10 days.....until then we are enjoying our life of leisure.

The weather continues to be delightful....mostly clear blue skies and temps in the mid 70's, and humidity so low it's not even a factor.  We are closing in on 6 weeks here at TVC**, and are still beyond happy with our decision to "summer" here.

As is our habit on Monday evenings we watched "Longmire", "Masterchef" and "24" and were in bed before 11:30.

Thanks for stopping by!

* TLE = The Lovely Elaine
** TVC = Tahoe Valley Campground

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