Monday, October 27, 2014

And then there were two.....

6 Amigos

On September 3rd we were 'six', and then on October 1st we were 'four', and as of the 26th we are 'two'.  Sunday morning was the last shift for Paul and Nina, and when we relieved them at 12:30 their tour of duty at Cape Blanco Lighthouse was complete for this season........then we were 2.

Then we were 4

The last two standing

On one hand it 'feels' like we have been at Cape Blanco for months and months, and then again it seems as if it was only a week, or two ago that we arrived.  As is often the case in the nomadic lifestyle you find yourself saying 'until next time' on a semi regular basis.  Our time spent here with long time friends Chris and Cherie, and getting to know Paul, Nina and Polly has been very special, and will continue to be at the forefront of our memories for a long time to come.  We are so grateful to have had this opportunity to volunteer for two months here at the Cape, and for wonderful opportunity to have experienced the rugged beauty of this area.  

Sunday was the diametric opposite of Saturday.......sunny, warm, and relatively windless here at the Cape.  As I previously mentioned, we relieved Paul and Nina at 12:30 for our 'bottom shift'.  Up to 12:30 they had about 18 people visit the lantern room, and we probably had another 20+ in the afternoon.....just enough to keep us busy.  The views were spectacular and I just had to take one more big panorama shot taking in the Port Orford Heads down towards Bandon.

Monday will be another 'dry' day, and I will probably spend the better part of the day getting the trailer packed up for departure Friday afternoon as it is supposed to rain Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

There was a lot of great televised NFL games Sunday, and first up was the Atlanta Falcons vs. Detroit Lions playing in London, England which must have started around 5:30 am PST, and the day ended around 9 pm with the end of the Greenbay Packers vs. New Orleans Saints.  

For dinner we had some really good lasagna and I opened up an interesting beer left by Krash and Karen called Tres Blueberry Stout (Dark Horse Brewing, Marshall, Michigan), what a pleasant surprise!  Thank you Krash and Karen!

Our time is short here at the Cape......only a few more sunsets, a few more walks on the beach, and 3 more shifts until we roll the wheels south!

Thanks for stopping by!

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