Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cat 1?

According to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale we experienced Category 1 winds on Saturday here at Cape Blanco (sustained winds of 74-95 mph).  Based on the anemometer website for Cape Blanco that is what we had for an hour, or so, in the early morning hours.

The high winds combined with, at times, torrential rain made for one scary time, but by 11:30 the winds began to subside, although they remained in the 'gale force' (39-54 mph) category for much of the afternoon.  Two of our wheel covers came off, so I took off the remaining two and put all four in the trailer along with our awning mat, which was taking on the appearance of a sail.  Thankfully we are somewhat sheltered here in the trees and did not take the full brunt of mother nature, but it was certainly enough....thank you very much!  I now have, maybe, an inkling of what being in a hurricane might sound like.

I also had to crank down our satellite dish as I was concerned the high winds might damage it, but was finally able to re-deploy it around 11:30 in time to watch the end of the early college football games.

As it turned out, and as I predicted in yesterday's blog, the lighthouse was kept closed to tours all day as it was just too dangerous out on the bare naked Cape.  We pretty much stayed inside the rest of the day running the heaters, reading, and watching a lot of college football.  Most of the games were pretty one sided, but the Ole Miss vs. LSU game came right down to the wire with LSU upsetting previously unbeaten # 3 Ole Miss 10-7!

Around 5 pm we ventured over to Paul and Nina's for 'Happy Hour', and were joined by Brian.  We sat talking about the day's events, and guessed it.....the lighthouse.  Paul and Nina will be departing, weather permitting, Monday, and that will leave TLE, moi, Bryan and Judy to finish out the remaining three shifts.  Our time is short, and soon it will be time to say more 'until next times'.

In game 4 of the World Series the Giants out slugged the Royals winning 11-4......

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  1. How did your tape job hold up on the back window?


  2. There's nothing like the forces of nature to make one realize how small we are. We could use some of that rain down here BTW!