Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wonderful redundancy

It's not like Tuesday was much different from most of our days the past 10 days......the wind blew and it rained, but there is something wonderfully redundant about this weather if you like blustery, rainy weather, and we are most definitively in the "YES" column on that score. 

Tuesday began with wind and rain, but around 11:30 there was a break, and being the opportunists we are we decided to take a walk on 'south beach' and, hopefully, return to the dry, warm confines of our coach before the rain came once again.

All bundled up against the weather

We decided to walk southward into the SE wind and, therefore, have the wind at our backs for our return.  We noticed a lot of the large driftwood logs had been pushed further up the beach towards the bluffs, so the waves and tide the night before must have been something to behold.  The beach itself was just this smooth (see above) as far as the eye could see.

Sure enough, just as we reached the road to begin our climb back to the campground it began to sprinkle, and just after we closed the door to our coach it began to rain again with some urgency.  We had left the two electric heaters on when we left for our walk, but had to turn them off for about an hour after returning as we were all heated up from that 1/4 mile climb up from the beach.

We spent the rest of the day listening to the ubiquitous rain on the roof, reading, napping and basically just enjoying being in the moment.

At 5 I turned on game six of the World Series which saw the Royals even the series at 3 games a piece by defeating the Giants 10-0!  I don't really have a 'dog in this hunt', but who doesn't love a 'game 7'?  One way, or another this series will be decided Wednesday evening!

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