Thursday, October 2, 2014

Third Saturday - Friends

A little housekeeping first......Tuesday marked the beginning of our 33rd month on the road, and we cannot think of a better place to begin another month of being nomads than here at Cape Blanco.  Wednesday (3rd Saturday) was orientation day for those who are called lighthouse hosts here at the White Cape, however, that event was scheduled to take place at 12:30 pm so TLE and I decided to take another walk on south beach.

We couldn't have asked for better weather......well, I guess we could have, but I'm not sure how much better it could be....these past few days since our rain on Monday have been nothing short of spectacular!  We decided to walk north all the way to the foot of the bluffs where the lighthouse's about 1.6 miles each way, and we had the beach entirely to ourselves.

Nearing the bluffs


Enormous piles of "bull" kelp littered the beach

There were several of these cool driftwood huts on our walk 

There is something about walking along a deserted beach with your wife feeling as if you are the only two people left on earth, and knowing in your heart that if that was the case you would be okay with it because you have the most important person to you in the world walking there beside you.

We were back at the coach by 11:30 and then began our walk over to the lighthouse a little after Noon for our 12:30 orientation meeting with Ranger Greg, Paul, Nina, Brian and Judy.  Greg went over our responsibilities again, and then handed out our new schedule for October, which has us working only half days now, which is what we were couple works the morning shift, and is relieved at 1 pm by another couple who takes the afternoon shift.  The greeter and story teller positions are eliminated in October as the traffic begins to slow down significantly.  Our first shift will be Thursday afternoon.

Shortly after we returned home Krash and Karen arrived and we walked back down to south beach to enjoy the ocean air, and let Pipa (their Spaniel) run on the beach......we were joined a short time later by Paul, Nina and Polly (their dog).......

Left to right: moi, Krash, Pipa, Karen, TLE

Around 5 pm everyone (Krash, Karen, Chris, Cherie, Paul, Nina, Brian and Judy) convened at our site for an early fire, drinks and snacks.......I made sure to have the Giants vs. Pirates baseball game on the outdoor TV for those who were interested in the game, and we spent a couple of hours talking, laughing and enjoying the warmth of the fire before we eventually broke up to walk down to the "phone booth" to watch another sunset, which I missed, because I was talking with Paul when the sun dipped below the horizon......drat.......I did, however, catch a little of the after glow.  Paul is a happy guy as his Giants won 8-0 and will advance to the next round of the playoffs.

Ultimately our time here in Cape Blanco is being defined by friends old and new.  Being surrounded on a regular basis by a community of good friends is what makes this life so rewarding and meaningful.

Thanks for stopping by!

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