Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Okay.....hold on tight!

Ahh yes......there they are......those famous Cape Blanco winds....

Weather Conditions for:

Cape Blanco Coast Guard Station, OR (K92S)
Elev: 187 ft; Latitude: 42.83333; Longitude: -124.56667

Current time:Wed, 22 Oct 7:22 am (PDT)
Most Recent Observation:Wed, 22 Oct 7:00 am PDT (PDT)
22 Oct 7:00 am PDTSE45G55
22 Oct 6:45 am PDTSE47G60
22 Oct 6:30 am PDTSE44G56
22 Oct 6:15 am PDTSE49G55
22 Oct 5:45 am PDTSE45G54
22 Oct 5:30 am PDTSE47G54
22 Oct 5:15 am PDTSE44G52
22 Oct 5:00 am PDTSE41G47
22 Oct 4:45 am PDTSE44G52
22 Oct 4:30 am PDTSE45G52
22 Oct 4:15 am PDTSE46G61

During the night I felt the coach rocking and rolling periodically as a gust of wind would catch the front of the coach just so, and as I sit here typing the wind velocity seems to be kind of day!

Probably time to inflate the Sea Eagle.....we may have to kayak out of here.......:-)

Stay tuned for my regular blog entry about our Tuesday adventures......

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