Sunday, October 5, 2014

Real Saturday - Lighthouse hopping

It's been almost a week since we had enough moisture for me to wipe the VW down, and she was looking a little ragged around the edges, so I got out my waterless cleaner and put a smile back on her face.  Then it was time to head north to Bandon to meet up with Chris, Cherie (Tales from Technomadia), Krash and Karen for lunch at Tony's Crab Shack, dessert at Face Rock Creamery, then a a short jaunt over to the Coquille River Lighthouse to take the dime tour.

We arrived at precisely 11:30, found an outdoor table with our friends, then went inside to order....Fish Tacos for me again......Crab Cakes for a few, and a Salmon Burger for Chris.  As I have written previously, Tony's gets 4 stars from Yelp, and it is well deserved....the outdoor dining makes it just that much better!

From there we took a short walk over to the Farmer's Market where TLE and I picked up some more fresh cranberries, and cranberry syrup, then we were off (another short walk) to Face Rock Creamery for dessert, where, once again, we sat outside enjoying their amazing ice cream, and talking about "cabbages and kings".  

Living on the road as we do, and connecting as we do with good friends in the nomadic community means at some point you will be saying your "until next times".  This time it was Chris and Cherie who are rolling their wheels north, which was the main reason for our get together in Bandon, and what would be a more fitting place to do that than at another lighthouse!

After thoroughly scraping the last creamy offerings from our cups we walked back to our respective transportation and made our way over to the aforementioned Coquille Lighthouse.  The purpose of this lighthouse was to guide mariners into the river entrance, and it served that purpose from 1896 to 1939 when it was closed down in favor of an automatic light.  It fell into disrepair over the decades, but in the late 70's it was restored (still ongoing) and became part of the Bullards State Park property.

The stairway up to the lantern room (there is no longer a lens) is a little rickety and, therefore, they do not allow anyone wearing open toed sandals to go upstairs.  Chris, as it turns out, was the only one with real shoes on this very warm day, so he took our cameras up and took pictures on our behalf while we remained below.

We enjoyed visiting the lighthouse, but were disappointed in the over all demeanor of the hosts on duty.....none of them (well maybe one) seemed to be happy with their jobs, schedules, etc.....we know, because they spent most of our time there telling us so.  It made us all even more appreciative (if that is possible) that we are at the Cape Blanco Lighthouse where everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.

Soon it was time to say "until next times" to Chris and Cherie, which, as it turns out, may not be too far off (the until next time part).......stay tuned. 

TLE and I were back on the road headed south to the Cape a little after we were passing through Langlois we decided to stop off at the Langlois Market (in Langlois, of course) to check out their reputed 200 beer selection......we were not disappointed.  I ended up buying three 22 ounce bottles of craft beer I had not yet sampled, and then we were off for home once again.

I spent the rest of the afternoon, and into the late evening watching playoff baseball, and college football.  The Giants and Nationals played a marathon 18 inning baseball game eventually won by the Giants 2-1, and then my Dodgers managed to win game two of their series with the Cardinals tying the series up at 1-1.  College football was a blood bath for the top 20 teams, and my Trojans and Bruins were not spared as both were upset by unranked teams.....ugh!

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