Tuesday, January 12, 2016

About to turn the page....

Our last day in the Borrego Springs Desert dawned mostly clear with a promise of good steady sun to recharge our batteries, and they were fully charged before 1130.  Being in a place for almost 10 days results in a lot of stuff from the trailer and our storage bins making an appearance, so I knew it would take me a while be putting it all away.  By 0930 it was getting warm enough to venture outside in shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt so I began the task of stowing our stuff away in anticipation of our departure Tuesday morning.  In addition to putting stuff away I took time to add a gallon of 40 weight Chevron Delo motor oil to my oil reservoir (not to the engine), and cleaned the exterior of most all the windows.

TLE decided to go for a hike with Mike around 1230 whilst I continued with task at hand.  They found a 'slot canyon' just down the road a few miles and spent a few hours exploring it.  By the time they returned around 1500 hours I was just pulling up the awning mat so TLE was able to help me fold it up and stow it in its travel bag.

There were just a few things left to do Tuesday morning before we roll our wheels so I set about starting our last sunset fire, while TLE, Mike, Liz, Steven and Linda prepared items for our potluck dinner.  We all convened by the fire around 1630 hours and sat outside by the fire (with the NCAA National Title football game on in the background) and talked more about our travel plans for the next few weeks.....

Hi Michael!

.....and what might those plans be you ponder silently?  From here we will head back to Indio for two days at the Indio Elks club......washing clothes, shopping, going to the movies, etc., and then on Thursday we will head for Quartzite and the big annual RV show.  We will spend about a week, maybe less, boondocking with the new Escapees sub group called 'Xscapers'.  From there we will head south to Yuma and our next dental appointments.

We leave the Borrego Springs Desert with bittersweet feelings......we would love to stay here a month.  We feel as if we have barely scratched the surface this year, but that is okay.....there is always a return engagement in the future!  

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. The weather has been warming up nicely.
    Maybe while in the Q you can drop in and meet some fellow Bloggers at Bloggerfest. Sat Jan 23 1 till 4 pm.

    1. Would love to meet up, but we will only be in Quartzite until January 19th.....Elaine has a dental appointment in Yuma (Los Algodones) on the 20th. Are you already there? If so, let me know your co-ordinates and we'll make an effort to drop by, or visa versa.

    2. Don't have a GPS but are easy to find la Posa west, just past the check in a 100 feet or so turn right towards the big tent we are in the road parallel to 95 facing the highway our coach is on the left side. Ontario License plate 2CAMPN front of our coach.


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