Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Under pressure.....

Whenever we visit our friends Tom and Darlene in Wittmann I inevitably spend time with Tom in his Newell garage helping him do some of the 'finish' work he is doing himself.  Last year I helped him run a lot of electrical wire, and this time he is installing the compressed air system.  Our job Monday was to install all the pipe hangers to hold 170' of compressed air lines in place 14 feet above the floor.

 Up on the scissors lift....everyone needs a scissor lift, right?

Air line hangers as far as the eye can see.....the ceiling is 20.5' above the floor!

We started out at ground level finding all the studs and marking them with masking tape......as can be expected each pipe hanger needs to be screwed into a wood stud to be sure they can support the weight......we essentially spaced the hangers 6' apart with a  couple of minor exceptions along the north, west and south walls.  Once the all studs were located we headed into Wickenburg to buy the necessary wood screws.

Of course we arrived just before 1300 hours so Tom suggested we head to a local deli located in the convenience store at a Union Oil 76 fuel station......their specialty is Tenderloin sandwiches......yummy!  From there we headed further up HWY 60 to the local Tractor Supply where Tom bought the necessary screws, washers, etc. and were back home before 1500 hours and proceed to get 90% of the pipe hangers installed.  The pipe installation will be the easy part of this job, and we should have most of the pipe hung by the end of the day Tuesday.  I don't know about you, but I love going into Tractor Supply....it is not your typical hardware store, and I almost always end up buying something, and Monday was no exception....I was just about out of self taping screws so I picked up a new supply while we were there.

 Broncos flag still flying proudly

As is our custom, we had dinner with our hosts then headed outside to enjoy a fire in their outdoor fireplace until 2030 before heading in for the evening......of course there were marshmallows and all the makings for s'mores if you were so inclined....

......thanks for stopping by!

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