Monday, January 18, 2016

Walkin' and watchin'.....

Sunday came in two parts......the first part......walkin' up and down endless aisles checking out camping chairs, awning mats, flags, jewelry, recliners, outdoor solar LED lights, and many other assorted and varied RV products.  I managed to spend money on only one thing....another flag for my flag pole......this one tickled my funny bone......

.......the second part was spending from noon until 1800 watchin' NFL playoff football.....but let me not get too far ahead of myself......since we wanted to be back to watch as much of the first NFL playoff game of the day between the Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers we left the coach at 0900 and headed for the vendor booths on Dome Rock Road.  We walked for 2.5 hours up and down seemingly endless aisles browsing, and investigating.  We found some camp chairs we liked a lot, as well as their price........we found some awning mats we liked, also at a very good price.....maybe half of what we are used to paying......we found some outdoor solar LED lights which are priced quite nicely, and have on/off switches so you don't have to pull the batteries when they are in storage.....we found many, many items on our 'wish list', but only bought the flag.  We will be here for a week, and don't want to pull the trigger too quickly....sometimes prices drop even more towards the end of the show....we'll see.

We were back to our coach by 1145 to find out that the Seahawks (our favored team in this matchup) were already down 24-0, and it was barely the second quarter.....condolences Steven and Linda!  The game was actually two in one.....the first half was all Panthers who led at half time 31-0.  The second half was all Seahawks who scored 24 unanswered points, only to fall short of an amazing comeback by 7 points.

The second game (Broncos vs. Steelers) was a extremely windy, gut wrenching defensive struggle for the first three quarters before the Broncos finally pulled ahead to win by was 13-12 Steelers at the end of the 3rd quarter, but then Denver scored 11 unanswered points in the fourth quarter to go up by 10.....the Steelers scored a late field goal to make the final score 23-16.  For once all four quarter final games were close.......7 points, or less was the winning margin in each game.

Just as the Broncos game ended the sun was setting......the earlier light wind had completely died, and we had a 'dead calm'.....

.....the sun setting in the western sky lit up the mountains on the eastern horizon once again.....

......ushering in another beautiful Quartzite fire this evening.....we all decided to stay inside, and that is what I love about this group of friends we are with.....that is exactly what we wished to Steven wrote......'we are sympatico!'.....indeed we are!

At 1900 hours we turned off the TV, shut down the inverter and read to the strains of 'Classic Vinyl' playing in the background on our XM radio until a litter after 2200 it good!

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  1. Deals do happen if you shop around and know your prices. Enjoy your home dirt

  2. I just read your story; "About us and our Newell". Fascinating, and exciting to think about.

    You both are sooooo courageous to travel about in such a large RV. I am in awe of you!



    1. George, I must tell that you were our inspiration for what we are doing today. Your courage gave us courage to do what we do. We will be forever grateful for your courage to become a vagobonder paved the way!

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