Friday, January 1, 2016 don't believe we're on the 'Eve of Destruction'?

The title, of course if you know me even a little, is from a popular 1965 song called 'Eve of Destruction' by Barry McGuire.....while his song was a Vietnam War protest song, I choose the title for Thursday as a precursor to our inevitable destruction as the New Year's Eve festivities progressed towards its oh so inevitable adult beverage induced conclusion as the clock struck 12:01 am......but I get much to much ahead of myself.....

Click on this picture and notice the enormous pile of firewood in the foreground!

The overnight temps only got down to 40, and with the amazingly clear skies our solar panel array was pumping electrons back into our two 8D house batteries by 0730, and we were at 100% once again by 1100.  I'm always surprised at myself when we boondock after a long time off.....I get a little anxious hoping all will work as it should and I can just enjoy the experience, and then I become somewhat giddy when it does all work as it should.  

We were expecting the arrival of more friends including Steve and Linda whom we first met in Cape Blanco back in September of 2014, and then reconnected in April of this year at Goosenecks State Park in Utah.  Steven has a drone which captures amazing aerial can see his work below showing our small encampment at Ocotillo.  In this picture there are 7 RV's, and by early evening our ranks swelled to 10 RV's and some 30+ people ranging in ages from 6 to 67.

Photo courtesy of Steven Dempsey and his amazing drone camera!

Naturally, when there is a New Year's celebration in the offing there must be an appropriate amount of adult beverages on hand to be consumed indiscriminately, and my son, Chris provided the infrastructure via a bar complete with disco lights, bar stools, and music.  He built the bar from scrap wood in his garage in one day last weekend in anticipation of our 5 day blowout.

Linda and Steve arrived from Gila Bend around 1000 hours and we quickly got them parked behind Mike and Lizzie.  Let me just say I am sure I am like most of you......I always want to introduce good friends to my other friends, and family and though I was sure everyone would love Mike, Lizzie, Steve and Linda I was still was all for nothing.  Everyone including my oldest grandson, Christopher, loves them and they love my kids and their friends.

The communal bonfire was lit around 1730 and burned until well after midnight culminating in the traditional burning of two Christmas tress brought by attendees of our convergence...... 

Burning Christmas trees courtesy Michale Vaccari

Around 1800 we gathered at Chris and TAR's (The Amazing Rochelle) RV for a potluck....there was amazing carne asada with verde sauce, pineapple and pork shish kebobs, pizza, crab dip.......well, you get the picture.....there was a lot of food, and the adult beverages were flowing liberally.

We sat by the blazing fire talking endlessly with Steve, Linda, Mike and Lizzie and everyone else.  I looked at my watch about 1900 hours wondering how I was going to keep going 5 more hours to see in the New Year, but that wondering was quickly dispelled as I moved from one interesting conversation to another....thank you to Steven, Eddy, Linda, Torry, Liz, TAR and anyone else I have missed that spent time talking to me last are all amazing, interesting people and I am so grateful you are apart of my life.  TLE, Mike, Lizzie and I were there at the  'end'.....well, actually, the beginning, when the fireworks began to explode overhead and from every point of the compass, and the cheers of thousands of like minded folks all over Ocotillo screamed "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!".  Us old fogies managed to pace ourselves, and avoided the 'mutual destruction' alluded to earlier in this rambling post!

Still going strong at 2100

Happy New Year to all our family, friends and followers wherever you may be this first day of 2016!  Be safe, be happy, and LIVE LIFE!

Just put up my 2016 Cedar Key Sunset calendar courtesy of Chris and Cherie over at Technomadia

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