Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Monday was the warmest day we have had since we came out to the desert December 30th.....about 73 degrees, and even though it ranged from mostly cloudy to partly cloudy all day long our battery bank once again returned to 100% after only hitting 97% on Sunday (we watched NFL football on TV from 1130 to 1900...pretty much all afternoon and into the evening).....

.......and it looks as if we will be getting daily highs in the 70's for the foreseeable future!  

The gang sans TLE was off to do some more shopping at the BIG WHITE tent around 1030.....TLE stayed behind as she apparently injured her foot while walking barefoot around the campsite.....there are a lot of rocks!  We parked our cars on Dome Rock Road on the east side of HWY 95, and then walked to where all the vendors were......not only is parking near the tent difficult, there is a lot of mind numbing traffic in the immediate vicinity, so it is really faster to park a couple blocks away, and just walk.  

 A lot of people walking with a purpose!

The previous day while wandering through the various vendor booths along Dome Rock Road I came across a few items I needed to replace worn out items.....I decided at the time to wait until Monday to buy them......I bought some buffing wheels for my Dremmel, some wire brushes, some 40 amp fuses and some Phillips head screw drivers for my electric drill......total cost......$5.90....I spent more than that on lunch.....

.....and this is what I had for lunch.....a big plate of curly fries with blue cheese and garlic.....about as decadent as you can get (plus a cup of coffee)......cost....$8!  I could only eat half the plate.

I was back home by 1330 putting away my newly acquired spoils from the RV show.  We have been trying to hookup with long time nomadic friends Chris, Cherie and Becky.....Chris and Cherie had come by our coach twice only to miss us as we were at the BIG WHITE tent spending money, so when I got a message from Chris with a picture showing his pedal had fallen off his bike I knew I had to figure out where they were so I could work on his bike!

 Looks like the threads are stripped

Around 1500 we left in our car with Steven and Linda in tow to drive 8 miles over to the west side of Quartzite to find our friends encampment.  Chris provided excellent instructions, and we were there within 20 minutes exchanging hugs, and getting out my bike tools to see if I could fix Chris' pedal......a close examination showed the threads on the crank arm had been stripped, so using a wire brush provided by Chris, and a small flathead screw driver I managed to clean most of the threads on the pedal shaft, then applied some Locktite and screwed it back in........this is only a temporary fix as Chris will need to acquire a new right crank arm, and probably a pedal......

We sat and talked for about an hour.................
From left to right: Moi, Cherie, Becky, Steven, Linda, Chris and TLE

.......we first met Chris and Cherie in Cedar Key, FL back in March of 2012, and then reconnected that Decmeber back in Cedar Key where we spent 5 weeks together......we met Becky at Amazon last November and became friends......this is the delight of this nomadic life....making friends, and reconnecting over and over again.

Soon it was time for us to beat a retreat back to our encampment for our 5th Quartzite sunset fire...........we were out by the firepit by 1730 ready to enjoy our most spectacular Quartzite sunset yet.....

My sunset picture

Michael Vaccari's sunset picture taken a few minutes later....I think he nailed it!

....we talked until close to 2000 hours before heading back to our respective abodes for the evening......knowing our time together is growing short.....Steven and Linda will be heading back north on Wednesday to our former Borrego Springs encampment to spend another week, or two before continuing their trek northward.  Come this weekend Michael and Liz will be leaving to head south toward the Texas Gulf Coast eventually arriving back in New Jersey in April, and we will be heading to Wittmann, AZ for our annual sojourn on the 'country estate' of our good friends Tom and Darlene.  We all agree we have thoroughly enjoyed our time together, but it is time become nomads again and roll our wheels.....we have plans to all reconnect next winter in Texas.

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. The weather here has been wonderful gotta love it.
    We were walking the vendors in the same areas and Big White tent at the same times as you guys. We like camping here at this time because of the traffic and parking situation, we can walk to all these areas right from our camp.


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