Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Back to my workaday life.....

 7:44 am - Tuesday - March 16th - Seal Rock, OR - 30° F, 100% humidity, wind - zero mph out of the north....very cold, crystal clear, blue skies today with a forecast high of 48° F.  The view this morning......

.....note the frost on the office roof this morning......↴

....on this date in 2012 we were in Thibodeaux, LA replacing our bent trailer jack........

......apparently it is was bent boarding the Galveston Free Ferry a couple of days earlier.

It was pretty cold Monday morning (in the 30's), so Terry delayed the start of our work day until 10:30 am giving the sun a little extra time to get higher in the sky.  It is amazing what a difference 30 minutes can make!  I think March is significantly colder than February with the highs most days being somewhere in the 40's.  Most of the highs in February were in the 50's.  Terry and I spent some time time cleaning out the golf cart, throwing away that trash, picking up abandoned firewood from a few campsites, and trimming a tree at the Fairwinds rental house on the hill.  Before long my first workday in over a month was finished, and I was home, however, my work was not done.  

Every since we arrived back at SRRVC I have needed to re-organize the trailer, and make it useable once again.  When we left here on February 10th I just 'threw' the things we were not taking into the trailer, and closed the door.  When we returned a few days ago I pulled many of the things out which belonged in the through storage bay in the Newell, but never quite finished the job, so after work Monday I did just that while TLE was at work (her work shift was 1-3 pm Monday).  I also loaded up two bags of trash into the VW to haul to the dumpster....we seem to generate a lot of trash for two people.  I had just barely finished what I was doing when it began to rain.....good timing Clarke!

TLE was home a short time later. Fortunately, the unexpected rain was just a 'squall' as they say here, and was over in less than 30 minutes, so she did not have to walk home in the rain.  And with that, another Seal Rock day was in the books.

In spite of my dislike for DST* we are enjoying the later sunset (now almost 7:20 pm), but we are back to waking up in the dark again as sunrise is back to almost 7:30 am.  Of the two, I prefer the earlier sunrise.

Thanks for stopping by!

*DST = Daylight Savings Time

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