Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Northward bound......

 7:01 am - Tuesday - March 9th - Salinas, CA - 42° F, 79% humidity, wind 7 mph out of the south by southeast......heavy cloud cover with a forecast of rain this morning, and a high of 56° F.  On this date in 2018 we were having lunch, and brews at Lumberyard Brewing Company in Flagstaff, AZ.....↴

Our goal Monday was to be on the road by 10 am, but we got our act together, and were ready to disembark by 9 am.  Within two blocks we were merging onto US-101 northbound, and in a another few minutes we were in view of the ocean once again.......

......we had the Pacific Ocean on our port side for the next 60 miles, and then we turned inland once again where we will remain until we see it again in Newport, OR.  US-101 is a beautiful drive.....

..... but we were initially facing fierce headwinds along the ocean before we turned inland where the winds abated somewhat making it a more comfortable drive.  Traffic was not heavy at all as we passed through San Luis Obispo.......

....and then we came to endless miles of farmland, including many large vineyards stretching to the horizon on each side of the highway......

.....our goal for the day was the Elks Lodge in Salinas, CA.  They have around 30 water and electric sites (30 & 50 amp) for members only, along with a dump station

As we edged northward on US-101 we began to see clouds portending the rain that is coming on Tuesday and Wednesday to the northern part of California.  No doubt we will find ourselves running our windshield wipers from time to time.  The 220 mile drive to Salinas was completely uneventful....just as we like it.  We arrived at the Elks Lodge shortly after 1 pm, chose site #22, plugged in, and were 'home' once again.  After plugging into their 50 amp outlet I walked over to the self registration at the Lodge entrance to pay $30 for the night, and fill out a registration form.

This is not a place where you would want to spend more than a day, or two.....it is a large gravel parking lot with the RV sites around the perimeter, and a large RV storage area in the middle.  It is, however, a nice overnight spot, and I'm glad we chose to stop here.  We are only 2 blocks from US-101, but cannot hear the traffic.  As TLE and I often say.....it is 'easy off, and easy on', referring to its proximity to the highway.

Our plan is to pound out two more days of 200+ mile days, and arrive back in Seal Rock by Thursday the 11th.  Of course, the weather on Tuesday and Wednesday may have a say in our plan, but we'll think about that tomorrow.

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  1. Each step, each 200 miles and each destination is wonderful once you are settled. The ocean drive sounds lovely. :)


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