Thursday, March 11, 2021

Out of California......

 7:44 am - Thursday - March 11th - Myrtle Creek, OR - 43° F, 79% humidity, wind - zero mph out of the north.....heavy cloud cover this morning with clearing later in the morning, and a forecast high of 55° F.  On this date in 2013 we were in Savannah, GA sampling some 22 ouncers at Crystal Beer Parlor........↴

Since Wednesday was to be our longest driving day of our trip back to Seal Rock, OR we were out of our site and rolling by 9 am on the dot.  Within minutes we were crossing over I-5 to go northbound...... wasn't raining at first, but soon the rain came, and pretty much stayed with us in some form (rain, slush, sleet, snow) for our entire 278 mile drive......

.....then we saw signs indicating the Highway Patrol was checking 'ALL' vehicles just north of Redding for chains.  We got stuck in this long line of mostly semis all stopped on the Interstate.... one might imagine, we do not carry snow chains, and it did not appear that any of the truckers surrounding us had chains.  Miraculously, they suddenly lifted the chain requirement, and we were able to proceed north once again.....

.....eventually we reached the snowline, and began to see snow flakes.....

TLE graciously recorded this short video of the snow we neared 4,000' elevation the first time the skies lowered, and it began to snow quite heavily, but never seemed to 'stick'......

.....and, then, after a couple of hours of elevation gains and losses, 7-8 miles at a time of 6% grades up and down, we finally came within site of Mt. Shasta.....

......once we cleared the mountainous part of our drive it was clear sailing to the Oregon border which we crossed at precisely 12:37 pm..... continued to rain on and off the rest of the drive to Myrtle Creek, OR where we had secured an overnight spot the evening prior.  We took one long rest stop at a Rest Area just before we crossed back into Oregon for the first time in a month.  We got off the Interstate in Phoenix, OR to 'pay the rent' at the local Petro Truck Stop.  Using our TSD Fuel card we saved $68 off the pump price for 142 gallons of #2 diesel.  We covered just under 1,100 miles from Yuma, AZ on March 1st to Phoenix, OR, and averaged around 7.5 mpg for that distance.  The big thing is we managed to avoid 'paying the rent' in the once Golden State saving another $1/gallon in fuel costs.....that's $142 plus the $68 we saved with the TSD Fuel card.

In all our days' drive took almost exactly 6 hours, and we arrived at Tri Cities RV park just after 3 pm.  I quickly connected our utilities, then settled into my recliner to take a much deserved nap.

Just 195 miles on Thursday separate us from our home in Seal Rock, and we are looking forward to getting back, and settling in for the Spring and Summer months.....thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Hi! You do a great job of finding good spots to stay along the way (we’ve had some clunkers WA to CA). Just curious what is your method for how long to drive and how to find a good place to stay? Do you read the reviews and on what site do you find them? We noticed you choose often casinos and Elks clubs? How do you become a member? Thanks for all your help and info! SandyS

    1. Hi Sandy! Thank you for your question. Give me your e-mail address, and I'll try to answer all of your questions.

    2. Great, thanks!


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