Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Bay Area.....

 7:21 am - Wednesday - March 10th - Corning, CA - 42° F, 85% humidity, wind 10 mph out of the south by southwest......leaden skies today, raining....rained all night.....forecast high today is 49° F.....yup, we're getting way north now....we'll be in Oregon this afternoon.  

On this date in 2017 we were staying in Tecopa Hot Springs to take advantage of guessed springs.  After a long soak we drove over to Death Valley Brewing Company for some brews.......↴

Rain was forecast along our driving route Tuesday later in the morning, so we decided to get an early start by exiting the Salinas Elks Lodge property around 8:10 am.  Regrettably, the rain forecast for later arrived early, and within minutes of merging onto US-101 our wipers were working hard to clear our windshield of rain water.  

On a positive note, within an hour the rain had stopped, and the highway had dried making for a nice travel day......

I-5 somewhere north of Sacramento

Not much traffic on US-101 northbound Tuesday morning

....I never look forward to plowing through the Bay Area traffic on a week day, or any day of the week, for that matter, and Tuesday was no exception.  The roads are always under some sort of construction, and are quite rough, and uneven, not to mention the traffic....did I mention the traffic?  Our total mileage Tuesday was 255, and around 90 of that was in heavy Bay Area seemed much longer.  

Once we hit I-680 and turned east we left behind the traffic, and enjoyed the rest of our drive to Corning, CA.  The last 130 miles on I-5 was like a dream......straight, flat, smooth highway as far as the eyes could see.

We arrived in Corning, CA at the Rolling Hills Casino RV park around 12:45 pm, and were in site #8 a few minutes later unwinding after 4.5 hours of travel.  We could have dry camped for free in the Casino parking lot, but with the promise of wind and rain we opted for full hookups.  Just after I finished connecting our utilities the wind rose, and continued blowing hard well into the evening....I'm glad we missed out on that during our drive.  By 8 pm it began to rain, and continued raining all night long.  We chose to eat in their lounge around 4 pm, and enjoyed our first meal out in almost a week.  TLE had their French Dip, and I their Pastrami....both were quite good. 

As I sit here this morning composing this missive the rain has stopped, but the skies promise more rain today.  If all goes as planned we will cover 278 miles today ending up near Myrtle Creek, OR putting us a short drive from home on Thursday.

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