Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Highway beautification......

 7:52 am - Wednesday - March 31st - Seal Rock, OR - 43° F, 71% humidity, wind 17 mph out of the east.....crystal, clear, blue skies today with a forecast high all the way up to 62° F!  On this date in 2014 TLE and I were zip lining near Cottonwood, AZ at the 'Out of Africa Wildlife Park'........↴

Three months have passed since TLE and I last did 'highway pickup' in front of Seal Rock RV Cove, and it must be done before the end of March to keep ODOT* happy.  TLE and I like doing this job.....I was going to say 'love', but who really loves picking up trash?  Not me, but it is a nice diversion from our normal routine, and a chance to work together, and we do work together well doing this job......

Time to begin the festivities.....

....a beautiful day to pickup trash!

.....TLE and I prefer to walk north on US-101 first, and make the turn around at the Seal Rock State Beach parking lot, and that is the way we headed after picking up our yellow trash bags, and 'pickers'.  The trash was not too bad on the first leg as we only filled two bags, but on the leg south to Seal Rock Street and back we filled two bags each....a lot more trash!  In all it took us about 3 hours to complete the job, and what a beautiful day we had to do the task.

We were back home a little after 1 pm, and while TLE drove into Waldport to buy some veggies I took a nap.  TLE returned just as I was waking up from my nap....perfect timing!

Tuesday was the second night of the 'Elite Eight' games featuring USC vs. Gonzaga, and UCLA vs. Michigan.....both Gonzaga and Michigan are #1 seeds in the tournament.....the other remaining #1 seed, Baylor, has already qualified for the 'Final Four' this Saturday, along with Houston (#2), so these two games would decide the final two participants in the 'Final Four'.  The first game saw USC falter badly against the high octane offense of Gonzaga, and they lost by 19 points.  In the second game UCLA is much smaller than the giants of Michigan, but they held their own in the game, and actually led by 4 points at half time, and by 9 in the second half before the game tightened up.  UCLA led by 2 points as Michigan took their last shot with .5 seconds on the clock.....the shot was short, and UCLA had defeated a #1 seed, and advanced to the 'Final Four'.  Who does UCLA face on Saturday?  You guessed it.....the dreaded Gonzaga, the overall #1 seed, and favorite to win the National Championship.  They have won 31 games in a row this season, and are going for a perfect season.

By the time the UCLA game finished it was after 9 pm, and TLE and I were limp noodles from the stress of the game, so we watched a couple episodes of 'Frasier' before heading off to dreamland once again. 

Thanks for stopping by!

*ODOT = Oregon Department of Transportation

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