Sunday, March 21, 2021


 7:47 am - Sunday - March 21st - Seal Rock, OR - 39° F, 93% humidity, wind - zero mph out of the north......cloudy today, but no rain until later....forecast high for today is 48° F.  On this date in 2012 we were visiting Cedar Key, FL for the first TLE and I are kayaking out to Grass Key with new nomadic friends we had just met.....↴

The rain has been omnipresent these past few days, and Saturday morning was no different.  For the second day in a row TLE and I slept in until after 8 am.....very, very nice.  We lingered there in bed listening to the rhythmic sound of rain on our aluminum roof.  I cannot think of anything much nicer than laying there knowing we did not have to get up.

When we did our small shopping at Ray's Food Place Friday we bought some more of their Peppered Bacon, and Saturday morning TLE baked up a batch of that in her Breville using the convection nice to cook bacon, and not get grease spattered everywhere.  While we were eating breakfast the first of 16 March Madness games began.  It was another day of typical  March Madness with most favored teams winning, but there were a few upsets such as my UCLA (seeded #11) upsetting BYU (#6) by 11 points.  Then there was #14, Abilene Christian upsetting the #3 seed, Texas by 1 point on two made free throws with 1.4 seconds remaining, or Miami of Ohio (#13) upsetting Virginia (#4) by 4 points.  My father's alma mater, USC (#6) won, as expected, over Drake (#11) by 14 points.

I did manage to complete one long delayed project.  Back in 2015 I converted the old microwave cubby hole to hold our toaster oven, with a shelf above it.  To put light into that area I installed 2 rows of LED lights.  The lights worked well for several years, but age, and the heat generated by the toaster oven dimmed the lights to the point they were barely noticeable.  When we installed the new Breville I had to remove the shelf as the Breville was too tall.  When I saw the sad state of the existing LED's I determined to replace them with one new, brighter strip.  Well, Saturday was the day that finally happened..... only took a few minutes to install the new strip, and I wondered why I had waited so long to complete this simple task.

As I write this morning we find ourselves half way through the first March Madness weekend. Today, Sunday, begins the round of 32.....there will be 8 games today, and 8 games Monday to determine the 'Sweet Sixteen' matchups for next weekend.  Time to have some breakfast, and get ready for work....yup,'s not raining!

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